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    • Guess this comes as no shock to anyone, I'm coming to this late, thought it would have been posted here already.   November's Masters golf tournament at Augusta National to be held without guests or spectators The Masters Tournament rescheduled for November will take place without spectators or guests, due to the coronavirus pandemic that postponed the...  
    • So I have played / owned the ones you listed. All fine clubs. The Ping was my choice due to ball flight and accuracy for me vs the Callaways. The Ping was not the longest but I desired good consistent carry distance and could actually hit into greens without excessive roll out. Obviously everyone is different and many can hit others into greens fine, I just could not with the Callaways (but Ioved the total distance they yielded). But recently I hit a Cobra hybrid and now I am thinking about trying the listed in the link below. Good luck on your search.  https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/cobra-king-f9-speedback-hybrid-satin-black-18cbrmf9hybrdblkshyb/18cbrmf9hybrdblkshyb
    • I wear my airpods at the range so people won’t chat with me or offer swing tips. Music throws off my tempo so I don’t listen to music either when I play. 
    • Thanks!  What I'm trying to get into is understanding what the strategy going on on the ice is.  For example, when I watch football, I find line play and pre-snap adjustments to be more fun than the routes or a pass.  At some point I'd like to be able to tell if something was a good shot on goal by some metric other than "did it go in?" I have a Ducks hat, courtesy of when I gave blood back in I think May.  It was the first chance for me to give blood post-lockdown that didn't involve walking into a hospital, and it was at the Pond.  However, I don't think they're who I'd end up rooting for if I get into hockey enough to pick a team (it's going to be the Coyotes barring something bizarre, like finding out I know a player or something). I'll definitely get out to a game though when reopening happens.  
    • Some swings from today’s session. I know I mentioned getting back to the softer lead knee feel + bump, but I wanted to do a shorter session and focus mostly on setting up a bit differently. Swings 1 and 2 were done with the more neutral spine setup and 3 was the older more forward spine setup. I do like this change. I also reigned in the sway a bit. Swing 2 was messing around with an old feel I used for a little in 2018 which was trying to rotate onto the trail big toe as quickly as possible. I wanted to see what kind of result this produced particularly because I haven’t been liking how my knees are getting far apart in transition. I liked how that feel allowed my trail hip to work under my lead hip which has also seemed like a problem. Tomorrow’s session will absolutely be back to the soft lead knee + bump to start transition. Tonight I’m going to do a bit of work on @ShaftFarmer‘s prior recommendation by doing some takeaways to A3 before bed. Overall, I’m very bullish on this lower body work.  
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