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    • This has proven to be an interesting topic. I even went as far to check out the AJGA website and how they promote speedy golf and they are clear on the issue that they want the first golfer that putts out to head to the tee and tee off. That's great because these tournaments are teaching that the first rule of golf should be don't delay. I think its probably 2 fold in nature, to promote ready golfers and to get the kids off the course in a reasonable amount of time to return the course to the people that pay the bills.  Now whether its rude or not is up to debate. I tend to collect my wedges or help others pick up their equipment and hang out just off the green closest to the path to the next hole. I have been that guy that has skulled one out of the bunker and while I am walking to my next shot everyone has putted out and then you are the guy finishing by yourself. It doesn't happen often and its a different vibe when you chip on and putt out by yourself. I don't think its ever happened when partners have cleaned up and someone has a 4 footer and everyone just leaves. That just seems kind of rude.  It does make sense that this kid is all business getting ready for college golf but he's not playing the AJGA circuit anymore and he is not teeing off first unless he has honors. If he figured that out then he probably needs to figure out that in order to attest a score he needs to be in the proximity of the hole watching his playing partners hole out.  Now if it happened to me I would engage in some friendly talk after the round and then ask him to recall how many putts I took on the 7th hole and then coach him up. In the end he is a kid and he is doing what he was taught and if done right it could be a teachable moment. Then again, depending on his overall demeanor, I might not even bring it up.   
    • Tidy enough 86 off the tips(with zero warm up hits !!) ...was happy to PAR the 4x Par-3 on the local course first time I've achieved that off the TIPS all parts of the game were working not always great(some dumb putts but finally my first game in some time I did have confidence from putting too the driver..just need to fine tune some of the stupid stuff out and I'll break 80 again soon
    • The shaft just failed when he was picking up a tee, so that’s fine he can replace it. 
    • Same. Have to go with the form of the day how much to use the driver. Irons hit bad  is way safer you seldom go long enough for them to get oob. Bad shots on a driver still go 200 metre in the wrong direction. Bad shots on an iron maybe go 20 metre but you are still in play. 
    • This is how I play right now, sadly. I really want my driver on to the course. Also I am not sure if my hybrid is better off tee because of the small head. I have a FW3 as well, maybe they are easier to hit?
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