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    • I drove from CT to Naples, Florida, in February. I hit a ton of traffic on Virginia and near Jacksonville, but I think they were both freak stoppages (not sure what happened in Jacksonville but there was a fatal crash on I-95 in Virginia a few cars ahead of me, so we were at a dead stop for over an hour). I stayed over in Charleston, which is a little more out of the way than Savannah but has much better barbecue. 
    • Ping had that issue with the original Eye2 as well (no wonder I hit those things nearly nowhere). @downbylaw11 the lofts have gotten much stronger in the Super Game Improvement iron category. The Rogue X and Epic Forged irons both have 27° 7-irons. Your Callaway X-Forged irons fall into the Player's Cavity category, where most 7-irons these days are between 32° and 34°. (Some are still 35°). Most of the difference has mainly been because most irons launch higher than they used to. Yes more loft will be forgiving (there's a great video on YouTube about D-Plane). That being said there is absolutely nothing wrong with playing weaker/retro lofts. What some of these golfers who hit 7-iron into a 180 yard par-3 won't tell you, is that 7-iron is an SGI club with 27° of loft, and you knock your 31° 6-iron closer to the hole than their 7-iron, because more loft will usually, have a smaller shot-zone than less loft does.  My issues with the SGI irons these days isn't the loft being 5-8° stronger than what I usually play, it's two things, distance control and gapping. @WUTiger will be surprised to know I've actually become a Srixon convert of all things. But I digress. I played M6 irons at the beginning of this season before settling back to my Exotics blades and eventually to the Srixon's I have now (I haven't updated my signature in a while). I'm a decent player (especially since shortening my swing). But I still need forgiveness. My blades though retro lofted weren't doing the trick. I needed something with more forgiveness so I went to the M6... Which was way too chunky for me. I hated the tight loft GAPPING at the top and the wide gaps at the bottom. My blades had 3° in the long irons and 5-PW are 4° down to my 47° PW. Then I realized I need some forgiveness but still wanted distance control and decent GAPPING. So I tried a few clubs. And picked up a set of Srixon Z565 irons (they're the 2017 model). Yes there are only 2° gaps between the 3,4,and 5 iron, then 3° to the 6-iron, 4° 7-9, 5° to the PW and 6° to the AW. But the funny thing was even with the goofy loft set-up, the distance gaps are consistent.  Sorry for only being tangiently related there but the point is simple. Who really cares how far you hit each club as long as YOU know how far they go. Whether your 7-iron is 34° and carries 155, or your 7-iron carry 180 and is 27°. My 7-iron is 31° and carries 185 yards. (That's not internet mark-up either).  So in conclusion, if you know your distances it matters not what number is stamped on the bottom of the club. P.S. get some hybrids or utility irons, even if they're a little older.
    • I take it you'll be trying skateboarding next instead? Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hopefully American daytime TV isn't as bad as ours in the UK (Loose women, it's not how it sounds ), cos' i'm sure you'll end up an expert on it.
    • Thanks Buddy. I was finally able to get some sleep from about 11:30pm to 3:00am without any interruption from spasms or pain. Sore as hell of course so just lightly stretching and reading through TST. I want to convince myself they got the CT and MRI thorax correct. No serious damage seen. That’s good. I know this will take time. I’ve developed pain in other areas, pelvis, right shoulder so may have get imaging done there as well. I may also have to file for temporary disability as I’m not too certain I’ll be able to function at my job by Tuesday. Your accident sure sounds painful and I can only imagine how that felt. They say doctors make the worst patients but I’m doing my very best. Sure a different world from this side. Thanks for your thoughts.   Oh my friend my friend, there will certainly not be a next time for that stunt! 
    • Day 6.  A dozen full swings to a practice ball, off a mat, into a net, indoors, with a 7-iron (flight shot).  Slow practice swings first before the slow full swing.  
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