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Nike Slingshot 3h-PW

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You'll find the 3H easy to hit and very useful; I often include it with my other sets when I play.  They'll probably have the Uniflex steel shafts, unless they've been 'customized' by the PO.  These'll be fine for you, unless you're at the level where you challenge a left front flag two paces over a water-hazard.  They'll get the ball up in a hurry, and I think Maltby missed the mark in his playability rating of these clubs.  $150, if they're clean and undamaged, seems fair--maybe a little on the high side.  I think you'll enjoy them.  And, if you're the golfomaniac most of us are, it's not as if they'll be the last set you buy.

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I just bought a set of Nike Slingshot irons steel shaft 3h-PW on eBay for $150. Did I make a huge mistake? They're on the way, so it's too late now.

I gamed 3 generations of the slingshots. All slingshot sets are great sticks. Big fan. If theyre in good condition id say thats a pretty good deal.

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Note: This thread is 1954 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • I'm inviting Annika and Gary to my house for cocktails and the Medal of Bad Timing.
    • Oh brother. RL has a measure of control over some of those things, and very little to no control over some of the others. It’d be hypocritical if their CEO said something like what JT did and faced no repercussions, but they fired JT for saying it. See above. RL has won awards for their support of the LGBTQ in the world.
    • I can see how, if you think they should have refused the medals, you think it would have been okay to cancel the ceremony. But surely you can see how, if it’s okay to accept the medals, canceling the ceremony would have been stupid. First of all, presumably they traveled up to DC the day before, so now they flew in for nothing. And again, neither Gary nor Annika did anything “wrong.” So why should they cancel the ceremony. That’d be like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown. Also, why no media? Because I’m pretty sure most of them were busy covering things down the street. Let’s avoid the political commentary, too, please. Obama gave out over a hundred of these things. I’m sure you could find some stinkers in there, too. Bill Cosby has one, after all (from Clinton I believe). P.S. Again, I just don’t buy the idea that two people, neither of which (to our knowledge) have done anything “bad” really, should willingly give up an award that is not exactly handed out lightly. Had they beers given the award a week prior, should they have had to give them back? If so, how about everyone else who got this award from Trump at any point in his presidency. Should Tiger have to give his back? And isn’t it possibly true that they could have used the time they had with Trump to speak their mind to him, and that perhaps they did so? I’m fine with what Coach Hoodie did, just as I’m fine with what Annika/Gary did. But, I can separate the “I earned this award,” and “That guy is terrible.” They’re different things to me.
    • I don't know the truth to it, because I haven't looked into it myself, but there is lots of talk that RL manufactures their products in places that have openly anti-gay governments, even to the point of outlawing being gay. For them to drop a player for a comment he made to himself including an anti-gay slur, and then go and exploit labor in countries that are truly awful would be hypocrisy on the highest order, and not the right move at all.
    • Look, I am not dead set against these 2 getting a medal, although I think their accomplishments on (less so for Annika) and off the course are significantly less than those of Jack and Tiger, and thus devalue the medal in question (but after Rush Limbaugh and David Nunes, that value has probably hit rock bottom now, after once being given to Mother Teresa...) Anyway, Gary and Annika get to keep their medals: no-one is asking that they give them back, but they should have refused to participate in a charade after what had transpired just the day before. If it was all good and fine, why was the press not invited then? IMHO, this ceremony should have been postponed or even just canceled, if all involved, included Trump of course, had any decency, but then of course we wouldn't be discussing this now, would we? Perhaps Biden would have given them a medal later, or not. It does not really matter.
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