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    • The dude is definitely entertaining.  First time I've ever heard elbow position in the backswing related to arm farts... Butch Harmon never told me this.
    • Feeling pretty vindicated for all the work I've put in I finally broke par over 9 holes. Shot a 2 under, bogie free 34 on the front. I have shot par over 9 like 6 times or so but this feels like a bit of a breakthrough. I didn't play great on the back one bad tee shot led to a double and the putter went a little cold but overall it was a great day and it was cool because we actually had a full group and I usually play better alone. Now its time to put it together for 18 and break 70.
    • Agreed. Sieckmann refers to these shots as "Distance Wedges", but they are essentially shorter full swing motion shots. For me 30 or so yards from the pin is the line at which I will probably hit more of a full swing motion from A2, but depending on the shot, I can also use a pitching action from this distance. For these shots I use a 56* sand wedge.  This past winter I did a similar matrix for 9-SW on a simulator, but "on course" am learning that it needs significant refining and expanding (to include 8-iron). In the near term (once I have tightened up my mechanics), I plan to find a field or some time on a fairway to revisit. 
    • Oh sorry! I miss-typed. He teaches hitting DOWN on the driver. No, No, No. A little more control is possible with a downward stroke but critical distance is lost for those with SS below 100mph.  
    • Agreed. At 61 I still swing well over 100 mph, but find my accuracy is best when I hit a 10.5 degree driver with a level or even slightly descending blow. If I hit up with the driver I can get quite hooky. I prefer a power fade, my balls run into trouble more than they fly there. A softer landing fade mitigates a lot of issues for me.
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