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What'd You Shoot Today?

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Went and played the same course I played last, 38-36=74 27 putts. I got to play with a couple of Old timers that knew the course and they Shakespeared me around. (Where to be and not to be) The fairways were much better, they raked the fairways and aerated them. The bermuda is starting to come back. As I was leaving, they were heading out to put urea down on the fairways with hopes of rain. If not they'll have to use the sprinklers tonight. It can get expensive in Oklahoma to maintain a course in the summer time.
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Had the game of my life this morning. Shot my age - 68. Par   4   4   4   3   5   4   5   3   4   36     4   3   5   3   4   4   5   4   4    36   72 Me    4   4   3   2   5   3   6   2   4 

CAREER BEST! Played my home course. Birdie at 1 to get the day rolling and never looked back. 3 birds on the front to one bogey to play the front -2. Had 2 birdies and 2 bogeys on back for an even bac

41-39-80 at Stoneleigh Golf & CC other than a topped first drive and a couple of 3 putts played pretty well in a windy day with @GolfLug @billchao @Hardspoon And the Aimpoint class with

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Played in league last night. A GREAT 45 10 over. Didn't hit a green or make a par. Flat out just wild off tee. Last two tee shots were perfect but managed to make bogies. I had only 14 putts so that is an indication of how bad my long game was. I'm blaming it on being really sore from working out. That must be it.........
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Played 9 holes last night after work. Was playing great, -2 and had chances to be lower than than. Short sided myself in a bunker on my approach to 8. Fried egg...so bad I was unable to get it out of the bunker. Double bogey...was upset and three putted 9 for a 37. Disappointing ending.
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Played 90 holes last week, in a 6-day sprint sandwiching Saturday and Sunday attending the US Open at Pebble Beach. Game was all over the place... It didn't help that these were the first times I'd played courses where there really was no hope of an errant shot finding a playable lie on a neighboring fairway. Lots of lost or hazard balls. I started with a 32.8 handicap index, mostly established through 9-hole rounds on a 67/115 (or so) pretty wide-open course.

Thursday afternoon, played Oak Quarry (Riverside) from the whites (69.0/126) and shot a 110 with 5 lost balls and 35 putts. Made 3 pars and 3 bogeys, including a bogey-bogey-par start. Overall not what I'd hoped for, but better than my handicap. Course was in very good shape, saw a coyote making his way along the cart path, and were swooped down on by a hawk of some sort while playing the 14th. An awesome touch on a fantastically beautiful par 3 over a ravine that drops 50-100 feet into a quarry lake.

Friday morning played Olivas Links (Ventura) from the Championship tees (72.0/128) and shot a 107 with only 3 penalties and 37 putts. The round got off to a bad start, and I only made one par (on the 9th) and 4 bogeys. However I didn't have any real blow-up holes. Not as many lost balls because you had the option to play out of most of the scrub. Blew a lot of near-GIRs, which was frustrating, but realistically I'm happy to be on in GIR+1 or +2. Just wish a few of my chips had been a bit closer.

Monday afternoon we played Rustic Canyon in Moorpark from the blues (71.7/125). It was a complete disaster round, the highest score I've recorded in my life (not to be admitted in public). Not sure what was up. Toward the end of the front nine got bogey-par and thought things were going to turn around, but no such luck. Michael, the gentleman we were paired with for our round, was the highlight of the day---he was patient and good-natured far beyond what anyone would reasonably expect when playing with someone stinking it up as badly as I was. He has some serious good karma coming his way.

Tuesday was the big day. Played Angeles National in the morning from the whites (72.0/130) teeing off from the back nine first. The first few holes head east, and we started around 6:30 so tracking the tee shots was all but impossible. Nonetheless, I got off to probably the best start I've ever had: bogey-par-bogey-bogey-bogey-bogey. Then reality set in and I took 8s on two holes (par 5 and 4) before scrambling for par on the 18th. The front nine went pretty well, except for another pair of back-to-back 8s (on par 4s) and a couple doubles. Nonetheless, ended up with 5 pars and 7 bogeys for the round, easily the most I've ever put together. Wound up with a 98, which works out to be my best differential ever, and lowered my handicap by just shy of two strokes with this round. Awesome, and glad I got the most out of the most expensive round I've ever played.

In the afternoon we headed up to Lost Canyons in Moorpark and played the Sky course. This was without question the most beautiful, majestic course I've set foot on. HUGE elevation changes, including a 277-yard par 4 named "Ascent" that I could barely reach in 3. The 18th tee shot was truly awesome: from the top of a cliff looking down over the driving range to the club house, you aim to the left toward a fairway that looks to be 100 yards below you, feeding down to a dogleg left to a green you can't see. It was awesome, and I pasted a drive that reached the left side of the fairway (what felt like 5 minutes after I hit it) and rolled a long, long way down the hill. My 8 iron to the green came up right, into a deep grassy pit area, and I made a 6, but it was still fun. Overall I shot a 116 which was fair, considering the number of balls I lost in the scrub area that was all over. Great round, though.

In the end, my handicap lowered from 32.8 to 30.4 over the week, not too bad... I think I can get it down to 25 or so, since I've played two rounds in the 24-25 differential range in the last few months. Just gotta work on consistency.
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Started with a double bogey, bogey, par and birde and the round just kept getting better, 3 birdies, 4 bogeys and a double, best round of the summer, played at Lake Spanaway from the blues. My attitude and confidence are sky high right now, hope i can keep playing like this, the bad news is the handicap is going to drop like a stone.
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73 for a +1 round. Stood on the 18th level and had a 15-foot birdie putt. Pulled it and left it 3-foot past. Then a society of 20 people walked onto the 1st tee and wouldn't shut up, lost concentration and missed the putt for par and a 72. Ah well, should get me down to 4.2 from 4.4 so some breathing space! Phew.
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Shot an 82(+11) at Mayfair Country Club yesterday. First time I played the course but still managed my game well enough to score well.

When I first stepped on the putting green I expected them to be quite slow but that was definitely not the case. They were lightning fast and very difficult to hold despite feeling pretty soft.

Fortunately for me my approach shots for the most part were pretty good. Had they not been, I could've easily shot a 90 with the severe slope of the greens and difficulty to read.
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Played yesterday evening, shot 38-38 at Cotton Creek in South Tulsa. Fairways are ugly, greens are good. Had a double bogey on par 3 #2 and another on par 5 #18 Par 71. Hit the same drive I've hit every time on 18 and it carried into the water in the middle of the fairway. First time I've hit the pond. Must be getting a little looser.

A little history. Just got to start playing again this spring, late April, after a 2 year Doctor ordered Hiatus after a heart attack and quadruple by pass. Was a 2.5 before that. Would like to get back to near that. I am now semi retired and looking for something part time that doesn't get in the way of my golf. LOL! I am actually just happy to hit the ball again and be out with buddies. If you play golf, you are my friend. LOL!
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    • No clue how to repair something like that, but I am wondering how a club gets a dent like that in it. That is a serious crater.
    • I’m not an expert on this subject by any means but I would say no it can’t be fixed. Caught my attention because I have the g400 3h and it’s a great club. 
    • I know this is a rare bird and there may not be any help other than trashing the head after pulling the shaft.  On a whim, I found a Ping G400 4h real cheap on the 'bay ($30 plus $15 so I am about $ 50 in).  I knew there were some serious scratches on top, but did not really look at the photos to notice it has a major dent on the top near the toe side.  It is on the way here, so I don't have any actual photos to share.  Here is the photo from the auction.  My real questions are - can the head be repaired (I have been researching this and there is not a lot out there as it relates to golf clubs)?  If repaired, does it become a "non-conforming" club per USGA rules, I don't think it matters as I am not planning to enter any tourney's any time soon.  This may be a grand adventure as I have read that applying heat with a heat gun, followed by Dust-It type spray (CO2) to super chill will get the metal to move.  Will have to see....  
    • Day 284: Worked a bit on my priority pieces with a new drill to feel the left leg push back. Then worked on tempo.
    • Ugh. They better keep him away from tall buildings for a few days…
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