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What'd You Shoot Today?

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Just shot 101, it was a pretty straight forward course, but tough, very fair. It was just a bad day

2 OB, three balls in the water, two in bunkers, that put me down 7 strokes. I didn't three putt any greens, i just didn't hit many greens all day. So my potential in ball striking was around a 94, thats not good.

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Had the game of my life this morning. Shot my age - 68. Par   4   4   4   3   5   4   5   3   4   36     4   3   5   3   4   4   5   4   4    36   72 Me    4   4   3   2   5   3   6   2   4 

41-39-80 at Stoneleigh Golf & CC other than a topped first drive and a couple of 3 putts played pretty well in a windy day with @GolfLug @billchao @Hardspoon And the Aimpoint class with

CAREER BEST! Played my home course. Birdie at 1 to get the day rolling and never looked back. 3 birds on the front to one bogey to play the front -2. Had 2 birdies and 2 bogeys on back for an even bac

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Shot my best round ever today, 77 (par 72 course).  Pretty stoked, but I'm mentally exhausted.  It was so difficult to "stay in the moment" on each shot.  Trying to concentrate on making a good swing, but not think too much about the swing mechanics; trying to make a full, controlled swing, but not steer the ball--man, it was like trying to stop peeing when you're only half done.

Nonetheless, I'm very happy and look forward to my next round.

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I shot a 77 in our Friday morning scratch game.  Had to baby sit my friend for the first 6-8 holes, until I decided he was done mentally and I buckled down.  I was 4 over after 4 and with a birdie here and there ended up pretty good.  Otherwise, it was a very productive day.  I really like to dig down deep and find something that most people don't have there.  Our other opponent in our group shot a 70 lipping out on 18.  We had about a dozen guys show up and it was a great time.

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Shot 80. Yep, 80. In a Pro-Am.

Dave tells me "weird things happen in tournaments that don't normally happen" and this was the case for me. I had two bogeys going into the sixth hole (bounced a wedge over a green, tried to cut a shot with the ball a foot above my feet, dumb) but was getting good looks at birdies and tap-in pars on the other holes. Feeling good, striking the ball well.

Thing #1 that doesn't normally happen:

I hit a ball on the line I was told would be good. Ball clips the top of a tree and bounces backwards and I have to pitch out backwards. I don't remember the last time I pitched out backwards. Tried to make up for it from there and ended up doubling the hole. Pffft.

Thing #2 that doesn't normally happen:

Lost ball on the next hole off the tee. No idea where it went. I thought I saw it land, but nobody else in my group was watching and they didn't help look for the full five minutes either - about 1:00 to 1:30 they helped. Had to re-tee. Drill the second tee shot down the middle of the fairway. I don't remember the last time I lost my own golf ball.

Thing #3 that doesn't normally happen:

Same hole as #2. Approach shot hits a sprinkler head and bounds 30 yards over the back of the green! I try to get aggressive with the pitch (lying four, after all) and it runs through the green. I tried to chip to a bowl and the chip came up short, then. In the end, I score a QUAD on a hole that's a driver/PW. I'd have done no worse than bogey, most likely, had we found the original ball. Still no idea where it could have gone.

So I'm 8 over after 7 holes. Nice.

But I was playing well so I just told myself "keep playing well and you'll be fine. I finished out the last 11 holes in even par, birdieing two holes that were "reachable" - a 280 yard par four I drove to pin high in the greenside rough and a 550-yard par five on which I reached the greenside bunker in two and got up and down.

Best yet, our team tied for first in the Bombay at -18 (best two of four, net scores for the amateurs). I put $4 on our team for all three spots in the pari-mutuel. I should win a few hundred bucks in total (most from the Bombay).

So, all things considered, a successful day despite the score. The amateurs were great to play with and we had a lot of fun.


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Shot 103 yesterday - First getting out since April. I'm not disappointed though, I've been working real hard on my swing and iron play and the hard work showed up in my 7 iron and above. I bought some used Wishon 550C's and had them customized last week so this is the first time I've had a chance to played them. I was amazed at how straight and long I hit the ball. I used to be a hooker, can still hook them with the best, but the work I've been doing and the customized clubs, 90% of my shots were dead on target. You can't imagine how happy I was with that. Problem is, I need to also work on my aim, so when I say dead on target, they went where aimed, I just didn't aim right! :whistle: Hit PW to a slight uphill par 3 that was playing 146 yards, hit it 141, a little right of target, was playing for a draw and hit it dead straight! Hit 7 iron to a downhill par 3 171 to middle of green, flew green, again playing for draw and hit it dead straight. Couldn't hit driver so was playing 4 iron off the Tee, after an 8 on 1, and an 8 on 2, an 8 on 5, I decided to go to use my 4 iron off the tee. Then on holes 17 and 18 I remembered something I read in Tom Wishon's book "The Search for the Perfect Golf Club, so I choked up two inches on my driver and striped two down the middle 250 +, that is with a a little roll, best driver shots I've hit ever! The greens were super fast and I couldn't get the feel for them,had several putts to save par and even two birdie opportunities. Oh well, after not playing for over two months I guess I should have expected my putting to be a little off. Had three3 putts and one 1 putt. All in all, even though putting and scoring let me down, I had a great day. My hard work is paying off even if its not reflected in my score! :beer:
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on Vacation in Summit County Colorado (Think Frisco: Keystone, Breckenridge, Vail) from Phoenix, AZ. According to the program "scorecard" I've been using for the past 2 years with 43 rounds posted I'm about a 9 handicap. Never seeing the course My family and I played The River course at Keystone (71.3/137) par 71 @ 6886 yards which were the tips where I played from. The altitude, tight fairways and large altitude drops off tee boxes was CRAZY. On a Par 5 I hit almost a 400 yard drive and had a short iron approach.

Shot an 82 with one lost ball. Could have putted better and my approaches on the back 9 were erratic. Not used to the thick long rough being from the phoenix area.

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Originally Posted by iacas

Thing #2 that doesn't normally happen:

Lost ball on the next hole off the tee. No idea where it went. I thought I saw it land, but nobody else in my group was watching..... I don't remember the last time I lost my own golf ball.

You mean lose visually, right?  This happens to me nearly every time I hit driver.  I have to have a designated spotter.  They usually lose it too.... Ends up near the left edge a lot.  I blame it on the combo high ball speed, high-launch and haze. When the sky is white, it's hard to find your ball.  Bet that never happens in Arizona.

Shot 79 at Pine Forest GC in Bastrop 71.8/132.  Played with my Grandfather-in-law who is a legitimate 60 handicapper.  He has the worst hang-back and top it kind of swing I've ever seen, including everything on youtube.  He topped it 4-feet to his left on the tee and said, "You know what I did there?" (I thought he's going to say "I looked up.")  "I looked up."  So delightfully predictable!

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Over the weekend i went

101, new course, had no swing at all, lost a few balls into some water

88, much better round, horrible short game cost me about 4 strokes

86, hit the ball better, got up and down a few times, sank some good putts, short game cost me about 4 strokes again

80, same course as 86, played it back to back. Much better off the tee, went two under in a three hole stretch. Had one blow up hole were i wasted 3 strokes, should have been in the mid 70's

85, This was horrible, its an 85, but i hit 12 out of 14 fairways with my driver. I lost two golf balls, and i duffed and topped half my chips. I wasted about 6-8 strokes around the green.


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I played on Saturday for the 3rd time ever, and my first round of 18 holes. I shot a 48 on the front 9 for 14 over. I hit 8 over (31) on the next 5 holes but then stopped keeping score since we skipped a hole due to the girls slowing us down a bit. So if I kept up that pace, I would have ended with a 98.

The astounding thing was when I ended up in a bunker for the first time ever, about 25' from the hole. I was not only surprised to see the ball actually leave the sand trap on the first swing but it also ended up in the hole! Everyone, including me, was appropriately shocked. ;-)

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Went out yesterday at 6 AM:

82 (40 + 42).  Started with a birdie and 5 straight pars, then bogey, dbl, dbl, for 40 on the front.

Could've, should've, would've...

C'est la vie!

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42. 9 holes in 3 hours. Can't keep the groove going when you have to wait 10 minutes at each tee box

Still overshooting greens. I keep thinking it's just lucky I hit it so long, last 3 rounds I have overshot a lot of greens.

Was sitting 160 out to center, pin at BACK of elevated green...overshot with 9 iron...whaaaaa?

230 yards out to level green, 5 iron hit the middle of the green and rolled to back..whaaaaa? I was trying to get it to around 30 yards short for a pitch ( Par 5 )

One positive thing.....I witnessed my first ever pitch that spun backwards...no clue how I did it

Playing an expensive, tough and very nice course this coming weekend. Am going to club down for everything

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    • I listen to him closely, and each other commentator, and they have a lot of good points they make. PA makes some inappropriate comments occasionally , but it's probably very difficult to be flawless. I would probably mute the TV based on commercials, and not the commentators. I can't stand TV commercials as they are geared towards low IQ individuals it seems.
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    • A few goals at the start of the season here: - Shoot +16 or lower (hit that goal yesterday and shot a +15). Need a new goal now 🙂 I would be real happy if i could shoot a score +12 or lower by end of season.  - Become more consistent with the driver (Loose way too many strokes due to errant drives)
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