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What'd You Shoot Today?

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Bloody hell the best im managed is 40 over par lol 110 was the score

Mind you ive only played on a full course 3 times

I usually play on a 9 hole par 28 course that is close by which is good for working on my short game.

My aim though is to break the 100 on that course, and fingers crossed my new found confidence in my woods will help me get there :)

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Had the game of my life this morning. Shot my age - 68. Par   4   4   4   3   5   4   5   3   4   36     4   3   5   3   4   4   5   4   4    36   72 Me    4   4   3   2   5   3   6   2   4 

41-39-80 at Stoneleigh Golf & CC other than a topped first drive and a couple of 3 putts played pretty well in a windy day with @GolfLug @billchao @Hardspoon And the Aimpoint class with

CAREER BEST! Played my home course. Birdie at 1 to get the day rolling and never looked back. 3 birds on the front to one bogey to play the front -2. Had 2 birdies and 2 bogeys on back for an even bac

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Well, I got out this evening for 18. I played with my boss, who also happens to be one of my best friends.

I shot an 83, which is my best round of 2005. I started off very rusty by shooting 93, then 89, and now 83. I am starting to play like I should, and I hope it keeps on going down.

I didn't drive the ball very well until the last 9, and I didn't hit my irons like I normally do. I putted excellent though. I'm not sure how many putts I had, but I'm guessing it had to be in the mid 20's or so. I one-putted a lot due to not hitting many greens.

My boss shot an 80, which was the best round he has ever played. So that's always fun to witness as well.

Anyway, I'm real excited about shooting an 83 and not hitting the ball as well as I possibly can. That means there is definitely some lower scores available for me.

I might play this weekend, but if not, I'll definitely get back out next week sometime.
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Finished with two birdies today. The four-club wind was only a 2-club wind (except on some drives, where a solid shot went 220) most of the time today.

Front: 40/16, 2/7 FW, 4/9 GIR, 0/4 U&D;, 0/1 SS, 1 Birdie
Back: 37/12, 4/7 FW, 4/9 GIR, 3/4 U&D;, 0/1 SS, 2 Birdies
Total: 77/28, 6/14, 8/18, 3/8, 0/2, 3 Birdies

The lies I had in those two bunkers were horrendous. I was happy to just get out. And clearly, shooting three strokes better on the back, it's about those 3/4 up and downs. Nice.

I hit the ball solidly, but didn't always get the right distance today. Tough to say with the wind. Getting back my normal draw, though.

They'd deep tined and sanded the greens, and I missed a few putts inside 15 feet that I'd have liked to have made, including two for birdie and two for par. But I'm pleased.

My course rating and slope are 70.5/134. Our fairways average about 18 yards in width. So missing fairways isn't quite the same as it is at other courses!

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Well, I played 18 again today after work. My friend and I went out again, and he did get his first ever score in the 70's today. He shot 80 yesterday and 78 today! His putter was on fire.

Anyway, enough of that, I played like crap!! That is the scrappiest, ugliest 88 I have ever shot. I didn't feel any control over my game the entire day. I couldn't hit a simple iron shot or chip like I normally can. My mid irons even stunk it up with the exception of two that were within 15 feet or so.

Yesterday I couldn't miss from 6 foot and in with my putter, but today I lipped out about 5 or 6 times from that same distance.

I did drive the ball very straight though, which was lucky for me. It would have been really ugly. I could be 150 yards out today hitting my 2nd and still end up with bogey or double bogey.

It's just amazing what 24 hours can do. And it's even crazier that I was only 5 shots off my 83 yesterday. I felt great yesterday and shot 83 and felt awful today and shot 88. That is odd..

I'm looking forward to getting out there next week and getting back down in the lower 80's. I'm just frustrated right now.

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played yesterday went ok considering weat happened coming to the end of it
was 2 over thru 13 holes

then all of a sudden from out of on wer i suddeny SHANK a wedge shot into the green

from then on the remaing holes cant hit a drive straight for love nor money then a few more shanks creep in end up bogeyin the remaining 5 holes end up 7 over for the round my head was destroyed at the end of the round

if it werent for putting then id of double bogeyed most of the holes
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Played in an 18 hole tourney in one of my leagues today. The greens were punched and sanded a few days ago and they were the slowest greens I've putted in 10 years. I played with one of the pros. I BEAT THE PRO BY 13 STROKES! He had a nuclear meltdown.
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Congrats on beating the Pro... must have been a good feeling.

Well, I had one of my best ball strikng days ever. I felt I could do no wrong with my fairway woods which is a new development. I putted for birdie four times! I drained only the very longest birdie today on the final hole. It must have been a 25-footer. I picked the line, stroked the ball and kept my head down. It was about 3 feet from the hole when I looked up and it fell in. That is birdie #2 ever for me and within a couple of weeks of each other!

I had some bad drives, but feel like I'm getting it. I roped a couple of them about 280 yards strait down the fairway. I played the back nine at a local course. Here's the results:

Par 5, 10th: Bogey (spelling right Erik?)
Par 5, 11: Par
Par 4, 12: Double (took a drop after my tee shot)
Par 3, 13: Bogey (hit the green off the tee and three putted)
Par 3, 14: Triple (lets not talk about that)
Par 4, 15: Par
Par 4, 16: Par (put it within 5 feet of the pin with my 5-wood)
Par 4, 17: Bogey
Par 4, 18: Birdie (roped it off the tee) heh, heh

Not bad for a grand hacker like myself!
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Well i finally got "evicted" from the professional ranks,have got my amateur status back and after interviews etc have got in at my local club,joining last week.

First competition yesterday and managed a two under 70,shooting a 1 under 35 on both sides.Front 9 is harder in my opinion and 35 was solid.Then had a few scrappy holes followed by great birdie chances on holes 14-18 with 3 of those putts being in the 10-15 foot range,none of which i made.

Not sure what standard scratch will be,but hopefully may even get a small handicap chop.Not holding out much hope though as the weather was perfect and i expect it may go down due to the field scoring well.
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Yeah that round I beat the pro was strange. The greens were so slow you could never get the ball there. Had 3 eagle putts, 2 I three putted. The 3rd was a par 4 I knocked my driver onto and had a 5 footer that just missed.
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Just call me, the par 5 DESTROYER!

Played Rancho Park GC in L.A. yesterday. I went -5 on the three par 5s! Chipped in from just off the green for eagle on 4. On 17 I had 230 into a slight wind, but this thing set up just perfect for my 4-wood. I visualized the shot over and over while wating for the green to clear. Once it did clear I set up, and pulled off the shot absolutely pefrectly, just like I saw it happening in my mind and ended up 1 foot from the hole! If the greens weren't so hairy, I probably would have had a double eagle. 18 is also a par5. I had 3 iron in which left my just on the front edge with a 2-putt for birdie.

Number 18 actually has some cool history to it. For 16 years the L.A. Open was played there and once upon a time, Arnold Palmer took an 11 on the 18th hole. There is a plaque on the tee showing just how he made that 11, but I didn't bother looking at it yesterday in fear that it would ruin my round. As it does most time I look at it.

Ended up at only -1 though. Had some lame-o lapse of concentration bogeys.
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I got in my second round of the year on Sunday. I know, sad, but true. My schedule has been out of control. I am working 60-70 hours per week right now. I did do something that I have never done this week. I went to the range with just my SW, PW and 8 Iron and hit a medium bucket of balls. I was able to work on distance control and it seemed to help. Unfortunately, I could have used the work on the rest of my game this week. Last week I was strong off the tees and shakey inside 120. This week I was OK with the short game, but it took me a while to get to the 120 range. Last week I was 9 over through 4 and played the last 5 1 over for a 45. This week I played the first 4 in 5 over with a bad double on a 2 footer that I slapped at.

I felt relatively good going into the home stretch. With two par threes and 2 par fives comming up. After a dicey bogey on the first par three, I looked to make up for it on a reachable par 5. It's a sharp dogleg right with bunkers and a forest on the right and trees left. The fairway slants hard to the right, so you need to keep it up the left edge to have a shot at the green. I hit one 310 here last week. I aim up the left side to accomodate for my fade and absolutely crushed it. It hit the last tree and sounded like a cannon shot. The ball deflected back and left at a 45 degree angle. It flew back about 125 yards and ended up just shy of the 17th green. When I got there, the only play was back up 17 to an opening that would allow me to go accross to 15 and still have a sot at getting home in 3 or 4. I hit a perfect 4 iron that looked like it was going to set me up nicely. It hit a branch about the size of a pool cue and shot straight down. Now I have to puch through the trees. It hit a branch the size of my wrist. Straight back 30 yards behind me. Now I try to go over the trees and hit another great shot that clips the last tree and falls into a bunker. At this point I am slightly pissed and try to hit my 4 iron again to get it inside 100. Hit the lip and left it in the sand. Finally get it out to 120. Hit the green from there (short game practice pays off). Two putts later I have my 9. Bogeyed the next par 3. I hit a 300 yard drive on 17 and turned it into bogey. Caught a tree on my approach (go figure). Got to 18 needing 5 to shoot 49. Top my tee shot and only advance it 125 yards. Hit a good lay up that went a little too far. Had to try and fade to the green. Not easy for me with a 9 Iron. Hit it dead straight. The ball was about 3 inches from a tree root. I was staring at 50+. I hit a great pitch to two feet and made a routine par for 49.

I can't wait to play Sunday. My league starts in three weeks. Finally I will have an excuse to play twice a week. My wife is my partner in the league.
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Shot an 81 on my course today.

Front: 41, 2/7 FW, 15 putts, 2/9 GIR, 1/7 UD, 0/0 SS, 1 birdie
Back: 40, 2/7 FW, 15 putts, 4/9 GIR, 0/3 UD, 1/2 SS, 1 birdie

Was one of those rounds where I went out intent on fixing things. I sometimes "learn better" when playing on the course as I'm pretty well attuned to what I'm doing, and targets are abundant.

It was one of those rounds, in other words, where I started off hitting a short high cut - not my normal shot. That progressed into a dead pull, and towards the middle of the round I started hitting some straight shots. Then I started ducking them a little. Which is fine - I can fix a duck. I've been there, done that.

They deep tined the greens, and I didn't putt particularly well (a few of those up and downs would have been converted). Lies in the rough this time of year are iffy - whole patches of grass are nearly "snow molded" away.

Birdie on eight was a result of a popped up 3W (but straight) and a 7I left of the back left pin, leaving a 12 footer up the hill. Slid it in the left front edge.

Birdie on 13 was the result of a smeared 3W (but one that didn't draw), a nicely cut hybrid around the trees and back into the left edge of the fairway, and a "Pelz Wedge" as I'm calling 'em in my head from 70 yards to about 12 feet. Slippery downhiller (the 13th at my course is nutty sloped) that was "lined" into the hole.

By "lined" I mean I line up my logo, and when I putt it perfectly, the logo forms a stripe or line around the ball as it rolls end over end.

On 15, I hit a dead solid 3W again that didn't cut, and I hit one of the best recovery shots ever. I had two trees, spaced 25 and 40 yards away from me or so and about 5 feet apart from each other. Hit a chippy 5I from about 120 through the gap. I had actually played it to hit some of the small limbs and take some speed off. Instead, missed every one of 'em, hit the middle of the green, and kept truckin'. Pin was front. Oh well.

They were finally watering the greens. Some would stick, some acted like cement. Pretty unusual today.

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One of my home courses has the worst slow greens right now after punching and sanding them. Totally ruins your stroke on 2 footers. I started chipping on the green and it worked better! They have their first city amateur this saturday. They'd better get those things back in shape by then.
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Front: 41, 6/7 FW, 3/9 GIR, 0/4 UD, 1/2 SS, 17 Putts
Back: 40, 4/7 FW, 5/9 GIR, 2/4 UD, 0/0 SS, 16 Putts

33 Putts is pretty indicative. Bad misses on the front (bad spots, not necessarily way off line). Wind was again backwards from normal. The sixth hole is 600 yards and usually into the wind. Today I was 50 yards from it after two 3Ws. Left the birdie putt on the lip. Heck, no birdies today, but several that lipped out or whatever. Was hitting the ball solidly. Hit a few ducks at the end, but that's fine - I know how to fix those, and it means my fade/cut is working itself out of my game. Turns out my shoulders were probably staying open.

Supposed to have some nasty weather the next few days, so, this may be it for awhile.

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Well, I got out today, and it was probably the only day I'll get to play this week. So I had to take advantage for sure.

My driving and iron play was ok today, but my distance control wasn't up to par so to speak. My chipping was ok, except for 2 or 3 duffs that really put a damper on my round early.

My putting flat out sucked it up big time!! I left so many long putts short and then missed the short putts to end up 3 putting. I did that on 3 or 4 greens probably.

My biggest problem today was my mental capacity. I just wasn't into the flow at all with my own mind. I finished with birdie on 9 to shoot 42 on the front. I then parred 10, so I'm looking good right? Wrong, I just fell apart big time, and I really let my emotions control me for the first time in a long time. I just flat out fell apart to shoot 46 on the back.

On a sidenote, my wife did play a few holes with me today, and she is really starting to make some contact and hit some straight shots.

It was a nice day though, and spending some time on the course with my wife made it all worthwhile.
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Strange day for me. 77. Even on the front 5 over on the back. Bled to death one hole at a time. I had a birdie put on 14 and right in my putting stroke some jerk walking let his dog go and it ran up right behind me. I gagged on the birdie putt and gave him and his wife a seriously evil look. That cost me dough...
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    • This seems to happen all the time. I used to be a little league umpire and if a kid got called out he was normally fine with it. I mean disappointed, but fine. The coaches, however, were sometimes huge D-bags. I once had a coach pull his team off the field because of a fair ball vs foul ball call. I umpired for two seasons and I probably have 100 stories of D-bag coaches or parents. ... Parents I sometimes get. They don't always know the rules. But coaches... come on.    This
    • I've played 18 of the 27 several times.   We use to participate in a senior scramble on occasion.  I like the course.   I have not played the north course.
    • Hit the 9 wood on a 186 yard par three, hang time was incredibly long. It finally landed and only bounced about 6' forward. I was 20' to the right of the pin. Lipped out the bird, easy par. I think I like this.
    • Hi folks! Been stuck at 18h for 3 years and I'm not sure what to focus on to improve. Any ideas? Maybe new shoes and a shorter backswing 😀 I've been Playing Golf for: 5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 18 My typical ball flight is: right The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: occasional pull hook  Videos:   
    • Shot 86 on a 6000 yard par 72 yesterday. After a mixed start, I'm very happy with the last 10 holes. 3 O.B. tee-shots and a tee-shot that found a bush 3 yards right of the fairway is responsible for +8 of the score and a couple of bad approach shots on the front +3-4 more. Hit 2 of the first 6 and 6 of the last 10 greens and made no 3-putts on very slow and bumpy greens (33 putts total). Hit my short irons really well from the short stuff (hit all the greens from 150 and in from fairway/semi), but struggled a bit from thick rough and with my longer irons.  Finished the round with a nice birdie on 18, a 310 yard dogleg right par 4 playing a little uphill into the wind. Hit my drive well and it ran through the fairway a couple of yards into the left rough, and left me with 50 yards to the pin. Piched a smooth AW to 7 feet an sunk the putt.  Shot of the day came on hole 11, a short, downhill (10 yards), 275 yards par 4 with a false front (uphill the last 30 yards). Hit a perfect 4 wood directly at the flag and it landed 2 yards short of the green (268y), jumped a yard back because of very soft conditions and left me with 8 yards left to the pin. Made the up and down for a nice birdie there as well.     
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