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What'd You Shoot Today?


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Shot 50 in my league last night (net 36). Started off horribly - league got canceled last week and that didn't help me at all - went triple, quad, double. Finished really strong though - two pars, two bogeys. Holed out about a 25 foot putt from the fringe for a par on 6. 3/7 FW, 1/9 GIR, 17 putts. Got closest to the pin on 8 and won a sleeve of Titleist NXT Tours.
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Played with a guy who didn't break 150. Ugh.

Ouch, that's sometimes really tough to get through. I can play with almost anyone but when it gets that ugly you kind of start feeling bad for the guy/gal and it's hard on your own game.

Well I shot an 87 this morning. I played a course I used to be a member at in the mid-late 90's. They closed the course and renovated in 1999 and I haven't played it since then. I've always liked the course a lot and finally took off this morning to give it a play. My score isn't all that ground breaking in itself but... I shot a 40 on the back (by far the toughest nine) and it was the first 9 this year where I struck the ball crisply and cleanly for the entire 9. I finally played a round with my new clubs and hit them all well -- Driver, FW, hybrids, and irons. I was starting to get a little worried as I was hitting everything kind of weak and thin. I even left a few strokes on the course for the back nine, I missed a couple 4 foot-ish putts I normally make. Anyway, I'm kind of pumped up now as I'm sure I can at least hit all my clubs well and still know how to score.
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48 on a 9 holer. Hit 6 greens, much better than my usual. 27 putts, including three four-putts. Need I say more?

The greens stimp'ed to at least a 15 today, I swear. They were slick as a marble countertop, and the slightest tap would cause the ball to disappear out of sight.
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79 on a 66.6/111 = 12 or 13 cap.

went 44/35 on a par 35/35... so i was pretty happy about the back nine. matched my lowest ever overall, and a new lowest nine ever.
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You went 12 over on 9 holes and your happy. Arent you off 15?

Yeah, total sarcasm. I usually average 16-20 putts for a 9 holer. So, if I'd had 18 putts, I would've had a much more respectable 39. But, yeah, every day,

something goes wrong...
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44+45 = 89. Father's day thing. Somehow, the round took six friggen' hours, and it was 95 degrees today.

Still can't putt. I had 44 putts. The greens are as fast as a marble countertop, and can't hold a wedge.

Also, couldn't figure out why I was hitting all my irons on the toe until number 17 tee. Then I fixed it, and ended the day birdie, birdie to break 90 the first time in a while.

Edit : I finally introduced my father to Titleist balls. First time, he teed up an NXT, and tried to cut the corner of a dogleg left. He went over the corner and into the rough on the far side, a drive of about 270 yards. He normally averages about 220, but that's because he will hit anything, even featheries. When he found out what he was doing he absolutely kicked my ass, beating me by 5 strokes. Normally, I beat him by 7-10.
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I shot 43 from the blues on the front nine at Wingpointe Golf Course in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I was having some serious driver issues and was putting with a friends putter as I accidentally left mine at home.

All in all not terrible, not great.
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Shot 87, my best round ever. 44-43 with 9 GIR. I missed a 2 foot par putt on the 11th and stupidly hit driver on the last hole and ended up making a triple (I smelled a 39 on the back and went for it).
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I had 43 stableford points on sunday. I shot 79, front nine i went 5 over par 36 & on the back nine i went 3 over. Had a birdie on the 10th which is a 360m huge downhill par 4 with trees left & right with no room for error. Drove to about 60 out just before th water on the edge of the fairway (any other fairway it would have been a 260m drive but because of the downhill it went heaps far), hit a shocker of a sand wedge on to the green i would have liked it alot closer, then sunk a 10m putt that had a huge break to the left & got a nice 4 pointer.
I hit 8/14 fairways missed most of them on the front nine.
hit 2/18 green in regs.
And i had 28 putts.
Chipped so well.
The fairways were soaked (from rain) and i had to take relief (feet bringing up water) so many time It was windy, but on the bad days i bring out my best game. The CCR was high.
Played with a guy who was off 11 and was even untill the 14th hole and had a triple bogey & laughed dunno what was goin on there.

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I went out on Saturday to a course I have never played. They only have 14 holes but have you play the first, second, eight and ninth holes again to make your 18. Shot a 74 with 29 putts. Had a nice double bogey on the front nine too.

Wednesday is when I will be trying to qualify for the USGA Public Links at my home course. Should be interesting :D
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Shot 79 today at Whispering Woods. Iron game needs work - driving the ball really really well lately and have a pretty good short game as well. Irons have just been odd. Best one I hit today was a 207-yard 5-iron after a 300-yard drive on the par-five third hole. Tap-in birdie after a two-putt was nice. Then on the next hole I had another tap-in birdie. Then I made a sloppy bogey, then chipped in for birdie on the next hole after hitting my 5-iron long of the 200-yard par 3. I can't bear to make myself hit a 6-iron there!
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I played for the first time in a while today... shot 36 and topped a few drives... I was playing with some buddies and I guess I was trying to impress them... Ugh.
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