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What'd You Shoot Today?


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never add your score till you get to the clubhouse!!!

Oh, absolutely. The last time I had a chance to break 40, I had 35 after 8 holes, and a 300 yard par 4 in front of me. Well, even though I only need par, no way I'm going to play it safe - you gotta let the big dog eat. Just then my father says "You need par to break 40". Dum-dum. I dead pull my drive into the trees, and somehow hit a recovery shot onto the green. Then, I three-putt for a 40.

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40 and a 41 for 81. A good round for me but I still could have improved. That 41 included doubles on both par 3's. I hit the driver inconsistently but the irons and short game were like clockwork despite the few big mistakes I made which cost me strokes. Hopefully if I go out tomorrow I can get it under 80.
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Shot 94 (48-46) on my homecourse Jadar in Akureyri Iceland ( www.arcticopen.com ). Only made a mess of 1 drive for the whole round and actually hit my irons pretty well. What messed the round up for me were 2 holes. On #5, a par 4, I hit a nice drive but got too much length (new for me) and ended up in a fairway bunker, went for green with a 7 iron and got too much sand, 3rd shot still too short (damn), bad chip and a 4 putt. On #15, an easy par 5 really, I drove the ball straight and long but unlucky for me it went into the cabbage left of fairway, smooth rehit ends up on fairway, 5 wood wormburner, bad hybrid shot, short chip and a 3 putt for 9 shots! Otherwise a nice round, I was on fire with my new driver but I had those 2 blowup holes plus I hit a few bunkers (4 I think). The score I want to see is 88 or 90 shots but I can´t have it all can I?
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Went out in 41 in the second round of my club championship. I was poised to take the third flight trophy and run away with it. Bogeyed the 10th, an easily four-puttable green, and then on the 11th, a short par 3, I hacked my 7 iron way off line into waist-high cabbage. I'm such an idiot. Rather than taking an unplayable, I tried to hack it out - and seriously tweaked my wrist doing it. I self-destructed thereafter, getting four triples and a quad, limping home with a 56. Talk about a slow-bleed death. I almost went insane.

Ended the day with a pretty ugly 97.
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today I shot 90. I am very dissapointed with the round because of what I feel is inexcusable innapropriate behavior by a group of golfers that should know better.

The course today is extremely wet and we followed cart path only rules. My golfing buddy and I used a cart this morning but this is not the point... we followed a group of 5 and all went well on the front 9 (I shot a 40 6 bogies in a row then par, par, birdie) I went to the 10th box feeling really good.

It was on the 10th fairway that the problems started... an aged group of 5 caught us on the tee and watched the two of us tee off... I had a perfect drive, my partner was right and in a puddle of water... As I approached my ball a member of the group behind us yelled at the top of his lungs from the Tee Box Hit the F''''kkkng ball already!

Well folks I limped in with a 50 on the back and I was very angry .. we encountered several more comments and rude behaviors from the group of aged southern men... (this could have been racially motivated) I am a person of color living in the South.... (we usually do not have any problems)

I hope that the outburst had nothing to do with my color and more to do with the offensive person having a bad day...

any way I shot 90 with 33 putts on a wet day... I believe that I will sneak out for a quick round tomorrow.
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I did nine and ended up with a 40 today. Kinda sucked because it was all going great until I doubled the 9th. That was my only major mistake of the round though. Because my other two bogies came on a hole that I had to use a punch shot on and a three putt that was an inch from being a two putt on a very sloped green. Overall, a good round.
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Ah... that would be a big fat ZERO. As in I didn't play today!

I am golfing vicariously through all your threads so keep it up. I just got a brand new set of Cleveland CG4's in my bag that I am DYING to try out on the course.... I have to wait until Wednesday when we have our annual company tournament... but darn weather appears to be changing and forecast is for 80% chance of rain!?!

Anyways, enjoy reading other peoples' rounds today.

I did lie a bit... I did play a 9 hole par 3 course today with my 2 and half year old son. I was so proud of him... hand-eye coordination - check. golf potential - check. cuteness factor... priceless.


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Question to Mhinderaker...

I have the driver and hybrid from a couple of years ago, but I have just been ripping them straight so I have no plans to replace them yet.

I am 15 as well, so no constant cash flow.
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Shot a 74 today. my course played tougher than usual. The greens had more speed than yesterday, but no complaints the putter was working for me. Had to make alot of up and downs anythign more than a 8 iron and the green would reject it. Finished the day with 16 pars and 2 bogeys so it was a pretty solid day.
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Shot a 98 today on a tough course in PA that Ive never seen before. TartanJack(if you see this post) would probably have played there before its called Center Valley golf club in PA. Anyway, it's pretty tough, so not playing there it palyed even harder.

Then I went over to a local course and shot a 43 on my next nine. So I was real happy about that.

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Actually CG031... I haven't played the track, but I've heard it's reputation. It's a tough course and breaking 100 was a good round. Congratulations... even though I'm sure the number stings. Good you bounced back with a better number so quickly.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Actually CG031... I haven't played the track, but I've heard it's reputation. It's a tough course and breaking 100 was a good round. Congratulations... even though I'm sure the number stings. Good you bounced back with a better number so quickly.

yea you gotta play it man. its really great. Ive only played architecs once and that was last year when I was really really bad at golf and I shot like 110 LOL.

Have you ever played Riverview? It's over the bridge in Easton near Architecs - It's really nice for the rates which are fairly cheap.
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First post. :)

I played for the first time in 4+ years and this was probably my 4th or 5th time ever playing.

I played with a good friend who plays a good bit.

We played a local municipal course and I was 3-4 over par every hole.

I tried not to get frustrated but it happens when everyone around you is hitting for par.

Then I came home and started thinking about how much fun its going to be when I play consistantly.

So ladies and gentleman, I am hooked to say the least. I am going to try and go catch a fast game early in the morning at another local municipal course.

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Had one of my best/worse rounds of the year. Shot 44-40 84 with 5 (count um) double bogies. started double,double, birdie,double, double. Then I opened my cooler even though it was 9:30 AM. I had nothing to lose at that point.

Ernie Banks I do not know you but I really like your style

Cheers, heres to sharing great time on the fairways and greens. Dale
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