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What'd You Shoot Today?


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I had a crazy/wierd/crappy weekend golfing this week. I played a tournament Sat and Sun this week so I went out Friday for a practice round and shot 68 with 5 birdies and 1 bogey . So obviously I went into Saturdays round very confident. I played really well apart from my blow up holes!!! I shot an 83 with 3 doubles and 1 triple (on a par 3 ). Take those holes out I played steady golf. Going into Sunday I figure I take out the blow ups and I still have a shot. Well I got rid of the triple but only managed to turn it into a double!!! So with that double, and the other three doubles!!!! (all on the same holes ) I shot an 82 to tie for fourth net

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I played in a Pro-Junior today with my boss and two other juniors...
We shot 61 and tied for third but lost in a scorecard playoff...
If I were to have played by myself I would have shot under par... 69, 70 perhaps. Probably the best round I've played in my life.
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Played 36 holes. First 18 = awful. Granted it was on a tougher course then my second 18 holes, but I shot a 96 on the first 18. Second 18 I shot an 85. Overall, I was fairly happy with my play. First 18 I was a bit off, especially with the irons, but the second 18 the ball striking was better. I was coming a little over the top, pulling and badly fading some irons.
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44 on a 9 holer at Devou Park. Never played there before, and the place was really tight - a ball was either in the fairway, or hopelessly unplayable in the woods. Thank the golf gods because I was driving the ball really straight, and long. My iron play was off today, and I missed a lot of greens, even after an excellent drive (I had driver, sand wedge into several par 4's). Got a birdie, but then followed it with a nice double on a par 5 that, I swear, is about 30 yards wide with woods on both sides.

My chipping was good today, and left me close enough to cut down on my putts. Only two three putts.
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89 on a course that was 6700 yards. Pretty good for me, since I'm not the biggest hitter. The rating was 71.6 or something, so it was a pretty hard course...Fun round though, very happy with the way I played.
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Shot a 68 after 14 holes at The Willows before I got thunderstormed the hell out of there. Was on course for an average but not spectacular round. My iron play is seriously off. Pushing a lot of shots right, as well as hitting the toe a lot. Driving was so-so. Outside-in has creeped into my driving, and it's causing hell with my game.

45 on the front, with 20 putts. Better than usual, but got some really ugly three-putts on the first 3 holes which left me trying to make up strokes all day.
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Shot a 97 on my home course - it was a tale of two nines 54/43!

Lamebums - I was scratching my head after reading your 5-putt comment. I had my first one today -- second hole, on the green in two. The green is two-tiered, and of course I was on the wrong tier! Got cute with the first two, went up the ridge and then back down. Flag was cut very close to the ridge. Blasted the third one to make sure it got there, blew it way past. Then proceeded to putt two more times. Oh well...
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I shot my best score yet at home course 48 on the front, then went back to my normal and hit a 55 on the back, I was still stoked, but really wanted to break a 100. I then went to a local course and shot a 98 I played well, but the course was a bit easier.
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Shot 88 the other day on my home course, 42-46. The sad part was I hit 8 fairways, which with decent play otherwise should translate into a low 80s round.

I read that your score "should" be predicted by greens in regulation. The "formula" is: 93 - (GIR x2) = score. This assumes 32 putts. I hit 7 greens, so I should have had a shot at low 80s or even breaking 80, but of course my short game and putting didn't keep its end of the bargain.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Today has to be a milestone in my 30+ year career.
I shot 38-42, 80 ( my best in 2 years) with a double and 1 three putt.
I hit 10 ( count'um) GIR. No birdies. (lipped out 4)
My drives even impressed me('bout 230 or 240 avg on a very dry course)!
It is painful to look back at the "coulda, shoulda, wouldas". My putting was just 'so,so" (33 putts).
My long time playing partner usually shoots around 78 (His age btw) and beats me by a bunch(10 or more). Today, his back started hurting very bad about the 15th hole ( he was down 4 by the way) , but I don't think his score had much to do with it. ( yeah right). He shot 83 today. Not his best effort, but still respectable for an old man with a bad back.
I'll with have to wait for a while for his back to heal before I have another shot at him. How long should that take?
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Yesterday, played a relatively easy par71. Shot 82, my best round ever

1 birdie... lipped out the eagle putt
1 double bogey
A LOT of 2-3 putts.
A LOT of slicing off the tee.

edit: terrible greens (Chicopee Country Club, Chicopee, MA) not well kept and extremely slow... i'm getting used to the extremely fast ones at the course i work at currently (Ludlow Country Club, Ludlow, MA).

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Shot average tonight(9 holes at local) and got my first eagle on a par 5 with a 12 foot putt. I was playing by myself, so I had to call the wife, she acted like she cared....that's all that is important.
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Played a quick 9 this afternoon and finished at about 5:30. Had a pretty good 9 holes shooting 39. 4 bogeys ouch. Birdied the 4th what a beautiful hole that was. Bombed a drive straight out then hit my beloved 56 degree vokey to within about 4 feet of the pin spinning my prov1x backwards in the process from about 80 yards out. I was hitting my driver really far and straight which really helped me score well because I was closer to the green and on the fairway. So I'm pretty happy with my performance today... didn't really feel like playing 18. Also, got my shoes re-spiked after the round. Can't wait to play again with the new spikes.

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    • Great post here even if it is from 2015! So I guess I would revise my consistency goal to something like "improve my poor shots and reduce the dispersion in shot results, in both distance and direction".
    • +2 on a quick 9 today. Pretty easy course although no roll in the PNW off season. Used only 4 clubs for a fast getaway from the house and a bit of a challenge. Rangefinder would have been useful.
    • As the calendar year draws to a close thank you all for putting up with me, and allowing me into your insights. The golf posting season is now ended but play continues on for my second winter (it is awesome!). This year has been good for me although I still have things I would like to correct. I am in awe of all of you that work diligently on your swings. If I ever find an instructor like my first, and find enough time to add practice I will join you in that quest. For now I love to play too much. Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!
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