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What'd You Shoot Today?


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77 in a course in Iowa.  two birdies balanced by two doubles.

Missed every single fairway on the front nine but was hitting greens the entire time.  Kind of surprised at how good the score was when I finally added it up.  Felt like a bad round, but it wasn't.

GIRs and few clutch putts go a long ways to keeping the score under control

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Played back tees yesterday in anticipation of the club championship which starts on Saturday.


No warm up, right to tee from car.  Couldn't get going for the first 7 holes, 7 over after 7 and then 1 over the rest of the way.  Played against one of our better players in a match play for practice (He's a 0 handicap) and got down so fast that I couldn't catch up.  Was 5 down thru 7 and then lost 4 and 3, so came back a little on him.  He ended up shooting 73.

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71 at Lake View. Hit the ball reasonably well. Hit some flares with the driver (three - #4, #16, #17) and a loose 3W and a fat hybrid, but otherwise struck the ball pretty well.


Almost had a hole in one on the 12th. It hit just beside the hole, four inches or so, and pulled back three feet.

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37 at Firestone South (back nine)


I hit the ball pretty solid. I didn't hit many greens (Firestone has small greens), but I was near them for easy short game shots. I got up and down half of the time. I am really glad with how consistent I am hitting the ball and how more confident I am getting. 

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20 hours ago, phan52 said:

Frankly, I don't care what I shot. Would you rather be anywhere else on a day like this?


WVCC summer day.jpg

AMEN!!  I tell my family all the time that golfing on a sunny clear blue sky day is one of my great joys in life.

Shot a 40 last night.

1 Birdie

5 pars

1 Bogey

2 DB


Good:  Hit 6/7 fairways. Had a birdie after hitting a 4-iron to about 18 inches on a Par 3. Lag putting was very good.  No duffed shots.

Bad: Hit 1st Drive OB and short which led to DB.    Left one in the sand for the other DB on a Par 5

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Last 3 since last post.




Three putts are a huge problem for me ATM. I think it's a combo of rust, inconsistent green conditions, unusual for our course hole placements and ball striking related bad position. Quite a few are after GIR with the ball on the wrong side of the green where I may have been in a better spot missing it closer to the hole and chipping it.  Over the hole 40 foot putts to a hole in a depression where there is no way to stop it near the hole. Short or long it's a another downhill slider unless I miss it long to leave on a flat spot. Weird stuff like that.

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Looks like 3rd Time was the Charm

Shot 37-38-75 today won 2 &1 against the same scratch player.  Made 7 pars in a row, then 5 bogeys in a row and then finished -1 the rest of the way, 5 pars and a birdie.

Hope my decent play continues into the weekend for the Club Championship.  Play the No. 3. Seed who won our Presidents Cup.  I beat him the last couple of times we played.  greens were slow today, don't think we'll get so lucky this weekend.

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Played 9 holes with a buddy who's just taking up the game.  He shot a 79 on 9 last week, shot 63 yesterday...nice improvement in 7 days!  His second 9 holes and he's hooked.  What took him so long?!?! 

I shot 47.  Couldn't hit a fairway, but I impressed my buddy with my ability to accurately punch out from under trees and hit over trees to get the ball back in play!  :-P


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Last night, Thursday night league at The Creek at Qualchan.  The format was a Shamble where 1 person tee's off and everyone plays from that spot.  I play on a team with 3 players who's handicaps range from 20 to 30 so I was in for a long night.  I teed off on 3 holes and was in the fairway on all three from 120 to 90 yards out.  I was in a surly mood from the beginning because I had to rush out of work and race across town to get to the course.  It seems every North South Corridor is under construction right now and it took me 40 minutes and I arrived just in time for our tee time.  No warm up, no practice putts and they wanted me to tee off on the first hole.  I forgot the battery to my cart and couldn't find my range finder in my bag.  So I was a hot mess.  The first hole is a tricky one with a 90 degree dogleg and a sand trap at the right corner and woods if you drive it through the fairway.  I typically hit a 3 wood off the tee and laced one just to the left of the sand trap 120 yards out.  Went on to double bogey the first 3 holes.  Settled down later and had pars on 4 holes in a row.  then ended with a bogey after hitting into a hazard on a Par-5. 

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Kittyhawk, Hawk Course, Dayton, OH

The old Hawk Course crap sandwich for me. A bit of half-decent golf in the beginning and the end and a really crappy three hole-stretch in the middle. Some combination of No. 9-13 routinely issue my blow-up holes. Pushed a drive on No. 11 and tried a stupid hero shot that didn't fade and found water for a double. Then blew the card up on No. 12 with a quad. The low light there was clubbing up to beat the wind in my face and crushing the ball over the green with a 9I. Ball came to rest on the right side of a tree trunk and I had no chance from there. Gail force winds helped me miss the No. 13 green by a mile.

The highlight was a sand save on No. 6. In years past, Hawk bunkers have been the death of me, but there was actually enough sand in that bunker to play a proper shot. I nailed it to 2 inches for my tap in. 


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Yesterday shoved a putt for 39 wide right on hole 9.  Grrr.  The usual course nine holes 40.

Disappointed because I hit it really consistent for me.  Was hoping for the sub 40.

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76 today. Played really well. 120 slope white tees. Shot even par on the back nine. Missed 3 birdie putts by mere inches. Could have been a crazy low back nine.

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