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What'd You Shoot Today?


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74 at Lake View. Driver was all over, but putting was solid and I hit mostly good shots outside of the driver. Three bogeys and two birdies on the front nine - one bogey and eight pars on the back nine.
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48 on the back nine of Fox Run. Something was off, although I couldn't exactly tell what it was. I'm just going to shrug it off as a bad day. 20 putts, a bit above average, but the greens were slower than usual.

Speaking of rain... it washed out this morning. My buddy's drive on #18 sailed off to the right and we hared off after it in the golf cart...mistake. The area, the bottom of a valley, was all muddy. I managed to get the cart stuck in the bottom of a creek bed (muddy) and it dug in about eight inches. We tried for about 10 minutes to get it out, and eventually I stuck hazard stakes under the rear wheels until they finally grabbed - with a huge amount of effort we managed to get the cart out after taking both bags out of the back and pushing really hard. It was made extra hard because right in front of the creek was a steep hill. My shoes and pants were covered in mud by then, though.

Ah, golf cart stories.

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91 at Ludlow Country Club... started on the 10th with a gross quad-bogey and came in at at 16-over-52. started the front 9 pretty bad with a double on a par 3. went out in a 3-over-39. totaled a 19-over today. hit 5 fairways off the tee (some others just missed, a couple were placed in the rough for easy shot to the green), 4 GIR's, and 8 1-putts. not too bad of a day. but i would rather see something closer to a 40 on the back 9 next time.
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jumped out on the back of my club this morning because there was a line on the 1st. Shot a +4 39 on the back, then when I made the turn it started raining. Played 1,2, & 3 one over, then had to stop due to thunder and rain.

Shame about the weather because I think I would have broken 80.
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Shot an 83 today (43-front/40-back). I'm happy with it. Pulled my drive directly behind this tree on the 12th today; which was directly in line with the green. (The green you see in the way back on the right isn't the green I had to hit to.)

Nice lie, eh?

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just got back from playing 9 (the rain is coming as a I speak)....shoot a 47 on the front 9...had 2 blow up holes back2back (7 on each )....had a 6-8ft putt on the #9 Par 5 for Birdie and missed it (caddyshack style but mine didn't roll in) over all pleased with my ball striking today though regardless what the score said.

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I shot a 24 last night in my league. Unfortunately we were on the 5th green when the group in front of us told us that a big storm was heading in our direction. It was ugly to the North of us, but ther was supposedly one about 30 minutes away, heading straight into the course. For our league to have a complete round the last group, in this case my group, has to finish 6 holes. No big deal as we were through 5 with time to spare.

What compounded the whole mess is that we were playing with my wife's aunt and my mother-in-law was in the group ahead of us. They are absolutely terrified of storms. They both wanted to leave on the spot, even though there was no imminent danger. We convinced them to finish so we could call it a complete night. They reluctantly agreed and figured to save time we should all play the last hole together. We were already playing as a five because my wife and I joined the the group ahead of us that only had three and play was so slow we were waiting even then.

So all nine of us tee off and I hit my best shot of the night. An absolute rope to the 220 yard Par 3. I end up just short of pin high, about 25 feet from the flag. After everyone gets on the green there are balls and markers everywhere. I'm getting ready to putt when someone putts from inside my ball. They proceed to putt out. Then it happens again and again. I'm just standing there getting pissed. Finally I get over the ball and end up leaving it 5 feet short. I of course miss my par and take a 4. I don't know if I was more upset by the frenzy of people rushing for cover or by the fact I let it bother me. I was playing pretty well at that point.

What we do in the event of a shortened round is take the players average relative to par and divide it by 9. We then add that number to par and give them their score for the remaining holes. I had to take bogeys for the last 3. Who knows what actually would have happened, but I was +5 through 6 and had just started hitting it pretty well. I gues this formula worked well enough as most of the group shot within +/- 2-3 of their average. I hit mine on the nose.

By the way, two of our people played out the 9 and it never rained once.
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Probably one of my most impressive performances in a while considering the conditions. Played in torrential rainfall from holes 11 through 18 and yet scored even par on the back nine at Riverway Golf course in Burnaby, British Columbia. 4 over on the front so that makes a 4 over 76. It was a bit unbelievable but also a quiet 4 over par round likely because the rain was quite loud!!?? Great driving and ball striking and only one 3 putt which was from about 60 feet.
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Couldn't ask for a better golf day - 80 degrees and sunny. Truly a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde day today. I hacked and dubbed my way to a 48 on the front, but burned up the back side with a 37, missing my putt for 36 by an inch. And the back side is that much harder, too. (85 in all). Got myself a new lowest score for 9 holes - I was really on my "A" game the back nine - drove down the middle, solid iron play, chipped and pitched it really close, and drained those putts. Now if only I can do that all the time...

Kind of a miracle, considering I only hit three greens in regulation. Got up and down five times, and one chip-in. 19/12 putts. 7 out of 14 fairways.
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91 from the blue tees. I actually was striking the ball well, just screwed up at bad times. lay-up on a par five and then chunk my wedge into the water, double....it was that kinda day...way too many 3 putts....37 total putts.
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I had an "I'm done counting" 9 holes today. It was pathetic, but I FINALLY got to hit my new driver which has been sitting in my damn trunk unused for almost 3 weeks. Still getting used to using the size (first oversize driver), but I had a pretty nice drive of about 250 yards that was dead straight and just off the left edge of the fairway on the 7th hole. Plus, it sounds like a Callaway driver. Real thick sound. I love it.

That felt good.

My brother in-law played pretty well, including being 3 feet from his first ace on the 177 yard 9th hole.

I wanna go golfing again.
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disgusting 101 today

highlight of the round: i bombed a 340yd drive on a 490yd par 5 right down the gut. but that high ended when i duffed my 8iron shot into the woods instead of OVER the trees. i proceeded to punch out with a blade 3iron which has NEVER failed me, and decided to disappoint this time. R.I.P blade 3iron sorry I forced you to make love to that tree. I ended up shooting a 10 on that hole

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44. Three pars four bogeys and (ugh) two doubles. Lost a ball in the cabbage on one and on the other, flubbed a chip. I was so-so off the tee - I got my share of good drives and bad drives, with pretty good iron play, and some real good chipping. Started to slide a bit on the last few holes, though - water ball on 17, and couldn't get it close anymore.

2/7 fairways (not a single miss was bad), 3/9 GIR, 2 up's and downs. 17 putts.
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Front: 48. Miserable round, hit only 1 good drive and the short game was awful
Back: 42. Much better, drives were consistant 265 and straight, short game was on fire.

32 Putts on the round! and still shot 90. Didn't deserve that at all.
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    • Just got around to listening to it. Enjoyed the discussion. It was neat to feel like a fly on the wall listening to two good instructors discuss what makes a good student. I liked the concept of the student's swing being a puzzle, and that as an instructor it is satisfying to solve the puzzle. I also liked the concept of having the student come up with a feel themselves. The discussion on a student's feel for a change shifting was interesting. This is something I struggle with, as in after the initial physical change feels begins to normal, I continue to exaggerate more to keep feeling it, but then it overdoes whatever correction was being made. The only thing that bugged me was the audio quality discrepancy between Mark and Erik, and the "Bank of Now" ads.
    • On a work trip, so no videos, but I do have a club and I am doing some mirror work.   Currently focused on four "feels": 1) left hand over right toes/elbow over right ankle when I'm taking the club back 2) right arm on top of left  3) right shoulder as far away from right ear as possible (an@iacas swing thread feel from way back) 4) my elbows staying closer together   Three and four are closely related, meant to get my right elbow into a "pitch" position instead of the "punch" I've always been in. One and two help keep the club head outside the hands while getting the arms deep.  I'm seeing good progress. I'm keeping the "right arm on top of left" feel all the way to the top of the backswing. It feels to me like im super steep, but the mirror shows I'm almost in line with the shoulder plane, and any quote-unquote steepness is a result of my right arm being in "punch" position at the top. I'm not sure if my right shoulder is way too stiff for external shoulder rotation or if I'm just not used to it. My guess is the former rather than the later.  Anyway, on a good path.
    • Day 583: Range today working on the same items. Started with irons and setup. Worked on Leaning Tower feel. With driver, focused on setup with more knee bend and clearing hips in the backswing. Ball flight was slight pushes with driver. With irons, I had some pulls until I went back to the knee bend setup feel and clear hips. Finished with some chips on the practice green.
    • day 78: Indoor putting due to miserable weather outside.. 
    • I don't think that's a fair take. I think what Bill wrote earlier holds weight. Most radar units require 7' and function best with 8-10'. Look, you are all in on this despite having issues with the previous thing and the price of this being low, despite the 3' thing, despite the fact that it's got a lot of functions for a really low price, and despite the fact that SwingLogic is not exactly known for producing really good hardware in this space. And that's fine, but… I don't think being skeptical, or pointing out potential "issues," should be called "disingenuous." Plus, he didn't say "it won't be accurate," he opined that it wouldn't be. I don't think it will be either, given all of the above. Since you're apparently getting one, we look forward to hearing your feedback. Since you're close by, you're also welcome to bring it to Golf Evolution to test it out against GEARS or the Mevo+ or the FlightScopes.
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