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    • I read this quote aloud to my husband.  He said, "Sounds like a nice guy.  (Did I spell everything correctly?"     Forty-four years, and he still makes me laugh!  Not exactly a golf post, I know, but it was on my mind...
    • Over my past 40 years as an amateur club builder, I have tried just about everything.Longer clubs, shorter clubs, lighter clubs and heavier clubs. I know that every golfer is different, and just like DNA profiles, no two swings are alike.  I believe, and this is just my opinion and understand that this does not fit everyone, that the swingweight, and also the overall weight of a golf club is very important. I also believe that consistancy, is the name of the game. Stay in the fairway, stay out of trouble and be a good putter, and the game will be more enjoyable. I have went from my average drive being 275 carry to now to be 215 yards carry. We all get older, and that in fact does limit the things that we were able to do.  I am swinging a driver that is 47 inches long, and has a swingweight around a D-8. I have found that if I increase the length, which will also change the swingweight and make it heavier, that I don't try to "kill the ball". I have lost very little distance, but have definitly gained consistancy. It is very hard for me to "swing easy" with a driver that is 45 inches long, with a swingweight of D-0 or so. I seem to always to want to reach out for that little more, which usually causes a slice, or a push to sometimes a duck hook. I reshafted my Titleist AP-2 irons with a True Temper TT Lite shaft and made them an inch longer. Now I dont seem like I am always going after the ball, and can swing much smoother, and if I do hit the ball wrong, it is a shot that I can live with.  I know that clubfitters put in a lot of scientific theory into a set of clubs, and do a very good job at fitting people, but I have been to numerous fitting and not once has swingweight been mentioned. Most people put their trust, and guidance into a professional club fitter. And they are trained to help you, But I know for myself, that I prefer a slightly longer club, with a bit heavier swingweight. I am only 5'6" tall, and am 66 years old, so as you can see I am not very powerful, and have lost my distance. But I have created a smoother swingpath, and more consistancy. This leads to better scores. I just purchased a set of Titleist AP-3's and I will be reshafting them the same as my AP-2's. But this time I am going to go 2 inches long. I am sure this will be too long, but I will find that out after I alter them. Afterall, it's easier to shorten a club, that to lenghten it..   So what are your thoughts...     Thank you
    • I was practicing at the range one day and watched as the local teaching pro grabbed a bucket of balls and walked down the side of the range to a spot on the right near the practice putting green.  He proceeded to hit a bucket from various lies ... uphill, downhill, sidehill ... all to various greens.  I decided to do the same ... and at least get experience hitting those shots and not just have perfect lies on the range all the time. It really forces you to think about the club face and where is the ball going to go ... 
    • 3 minutes is enough time when there are people behind you.  Any longer and you may become spotters for them when they drive their tee shots into you. 😁
    • There are several things people don't know when they buy CBD oil. Full spectrum hemp oil is probably the best you can buy because it also has other CB oils that support each other, whereas most CBD oil sold is not full spectrum. People just see CBD on the label and think it is all the same. People don't realize that there are CBC, CBG, and CBN oils as well in full spectrum CBD products. These other oils support CBD oil and make it more effective in it's work.
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