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    • Particularly when that slow group is a couple of serious A-holes.
    • Not really a good option when the teesheet is packed.  They would have to let every group behind them play through. That's why I ask how many of y'all have marshaled a tough course on a busy day . . . . you will hear every excuse in the book.  One of my favorites was a cigar-smoking, smart-talking older guy who had 3 young bucks in his group.  They had held up a 2-some all day, and at the third visit from me, on the 12th tee, he read me the riot-act with some choice, colorful words, saying it was the course's fault for allowing 2-somes to play.  He said he paid twice what they paid, so he was playing the way he wanted. I went back and talked to the 2-some, a husband and wife, and told them they would have to go around that foursome. Not long later I saw them at their car.  They were not upset, but they quit and came in because they did not want to upset the 4-some. See, that's when  I'd like to be able to pull out my tablet and see if they wanted to re-play at a discount. BTW, some 2-somes, often couples, won't book unless we block the other two slots at their tee time.     Wow!  Never heard of that, no-hole-skipping rule. & funny how some slow groups speed up when you play through.
    • Not sure about the other two, but I'm not technically allowed to do that. Mind you, nobody would have caught me if I did. One of the many rules we sign off on with a City of Dayton, OH privilege pass includes not skipping holes. For better or worse, I tend to be rule follower. I suppose given the layout of the course and my being on foot, it would have been a bit awkward anyway. We make the move, they speed up and we hit the next tee at the same time.
    • My instructor tells me that the more golf I play, the more I need to take lessons, not just to get better, but to make sure I don’t develop any bad habits unknowingly. I play 4-5 rounds a week and see my instructor every other week for swing checks. I have bad days on the course and will get frustrated - I usually stop golfing and see my pro right away instead of trying to figure it out myself.  Do you have anyone you are working with? I find it beneficial to have lessons regularly. I see it like a car tuneup - car is running fine but you still get an oil change/service regularly just to make sure things are doing well. Same thing with golf.
    • It was 75° the day before yesterday, and it's 10° now. Why didn't you guys skip a hole and go around the ball-shaggers?
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