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    • Yes, I have a mental "ringer" score at Leslie Park.  16 birdies, an eagle (par 4) and an ace for -20, or 52.  It took me a fair amount of time to birdie every hole.  Then in the past couple years I holed out for eagle on #8 and aced #17 in 2018.  I am not long enough to reach the par 5's so any improvement will need another fortunate hole out.
    • **If this is in the wrong spot, please move it (to rules or equipment maybe). Found an interesting write up giving some pretty strong and good reasons why extended lines on the golf ball (used for putting) is not in the spirit of the rules, although nothing is mentioned directly against it. Read the article and post your thoughts on the topic, and answer the poll as well. Why marking your golf ball with an alignment line should be prohibited The act of applying a line to your ball with the intent to help with alignment isn’t specifically addressed in the rules. But it feels unfair.  
    • Finally got out with a buddy who spends much of the year in AZ.  He has always been willing to critique my game despite getting regularly thumped.  On the opening hole, a par 5, two marginal shots found me 185 yards out in the left rough on a cool dewy morning.  The hole was located well left, behind a cavernous greenside bunker.  For me, a perfect shot would be just right of the bunker, setting up a longish 1st putt. I grabbed my fairway wood and set-up for a slight fade to the right side of the green.  Long was preferable to short as short started to flirt with the bunker.  My always aware buddy commented, "All your clubs look the same", noting that I was hitting the same club as my second shot.  "Thanks for noticing, Pat"    I hit it solidly, with a nice trajectory. It was headed for the corner of the bunker but had just enough fade to  miss a step to the right.  The ball landed softly and ended pin high, 30 feet right of the hole.  A simple 2-putt and I was off to the races.  Pulling off that shot seemed to jump start my game.  Close to my best ball striking day of 2020.
    • Your results may not be consistent..but your swing most likely is.
    • Not sure I agree with this. Have you seen the percentage of college athletes ( bskt/football) that make it to the pros? Most athletes go to college knowing the chances of going pro are slim to none. I think your points are true regarding those who are top of the sport in high school and have excelled and been praised from coaches....but most?
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