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    • When this happens to me, when playing alone and practicing, I'll gladly welcome the joining player.  But I always give them a chance to back out when I tell them I'm essentially practicing and I'm hitting a few balls on almost every shot.  Usually they join in on the silliness and we still strictly keep pace with the group in front.
    • 8 Dec in Iowa...  It was in the mid 40s....  Light wind. Today(the 9th)  it's snowing now with temps the next couple weeks in the 20s & 30s.  We're pretty much finally at the end of the year. Ended up playing 36.  91 and 91... that's rare...…. Especially for me..  LOL   Been struggling with my driver the 1st 18 and finally figured a couple things out towards the end of the 2nd 18...…  Of course at the end of play...LOL  Hopefully I can remember it in the spring.      
    • Lets go back to 2016, OSU versus Clemson, and why this is a different OSU team.  OSU Offense 2016 versus 2019 Passer Rating: 44th versus 5th Passing Yards Avg: 87th versus 10th Rushing Average: 17th versus 6th  OSU Defense 2016 versus 2019 Rushing Average: 19th versus 6th Passing Average: 1st versus 1st Passer Rating: 2nd versus 3rd The biggest issue with the 2016 team was an average passing attack with a vanilla inside zone read scheme (Urban's Base Run Plays). The issue came against AP Ranked teams in 2016. OSU's QB rating dropped from 147 to 125. The average dropped from 7.5 to 6.1. OSU could not push the ball down field. Specifically, against top defenses in 2016 the passer rating was sub 100. Against a Clemson team, who didn't have to worry about the top of the defense getting taken off, they could condense the field. Basically OSU was playing in the redzone the entire length of the field.  Compare this to 2019, against ranked AP teams, the rating did drop, but its still at 177. OSU's average yards didn't drop, they are pushing the ball down the field very efficiently. If you look at the top defenses they have played this year, the passer rating was above 170 three times and still above 147 the other two times.  This passing game, at it's worse, is as good or just slightly better (since the average is higher) than the 2016 OSU team.  I will still claim that the OSU defense in that 2016 game balled out. They held Clemson to 75% under their normal scoring potential (points per play). If you consider that Clemson ran 85 plays to OSU's 56 plays, the score should have been in the mid 40's.  I go back to my previous post, in terms of getting sacks. That 2016 Clemson team didn't need to use a linebacker to get sacks or tackle for loss. They had three DL who had more than 6 sacks. The top two in tackle for loss were DL. Compared to the 2019 Clemson team, their primary sack guy is a linebacker. They have no DL guys with above 6 sacks this season.  Kinda why I don't foresee a repeat of the 2016 game. They are completely different teams. You have a current OSU team who passes the ball WAY better than the 2016 team. They can stretch the field extremely well. This current Clemson team don't have three world beaters on the D-Line like that 2016 team. 
    • Shot a 96 at The Honors Course. 141 slope from the 6400 tees. Probably the toughest golf course I've ever played. Classic Pete Dye. No bailouts, very penal. A few holes with OB or water on both sides. Gust of wind around 15-20 mph. Tough conditions with a stretch of 4 holes with wind directly in our faces.  Despite the score (16.9 handicap), I am ok with my round. Back 9 I had 5 pars and a bogey with an 8, 8, 7. If I can clean up some errant play off the tee and stop short siding myself on elevated greens, it gives me confidence that I can play any course pretty well.
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