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    • Honestly, I am not worried about it.  I am not scarred of COVID.  I respect everyone's opinion. I work in hospitals from the smallest to the largest one's in the country.  I deal with infectious control to EVS.  From NYC to California during this pandemic.  I know how they feel about it from an internal point of view.   I was more concerned about my safety when I crossed the border in the 1990's to work in Tijuana then going into any hospital in this country today.  I have and still go into the most dangerous parts of any city in this country and have done so since the 1990's as well as foreign countries.  Nothing catches your attention faster then staring at an M60 Machine Gun pointed directly at the van you are in. COVID is a virus, it does not scare me.  I understand other people's fear of it and respect that.  There are a lot more deadly situations I can come into contact with that a mask and washing my hands frequently will not help. You seam to be a really nice guy.  Hopefully when this calms down and it will we can meet and play golf together.  I would really enjoy that.
    • This shaft seems pretty nice.  I took a flyer on it and got the SF505 (I swing 100-105MPH).  It came in last night and I took it to the range this morning.  I saw on a couple sites people mentioning there was a learning curve and it was true.  I tried using my same swing I put on my Hzrdus green and the ball just took off to the right.   10-20 swings later I was able to figure it out and was amazed at the results.  I realized I needed to just swing smoother and slower and it worked perfectly.  Feels so weird swinging this slow and the ball going farther.  I was on the range so no comparison other that was was visible to the naked eye.  The ball had so much more pop and was flying maybe 10 yards farther.  The consistency was the craziest part as they were ropes directly where I aimed.  Taking it on the course tomorrow so curious to see how accurate on the course it is as well as if I'm hitting from new areas because of the added length.
    • I made it up. But let's see… For me to contract COVID-19 by touching the handle of a gas pump twice: The handle would have had to have been touched by an infected person within the past few hours. There were 32 gas pumps and I was the only car at the station, at about 8:45am. That person would have basically had to slobber on the handle to get anywhere near enough viral load onto the handle. I'm unaware of a handle-of-gas-pump-licking fetish, but maybe it exists. I would have had to get virtually all of that viral load on my hand in a few seconds. I would have then had a HUGE failure of my sanitizer to do ANYTHING to remove the virus from my hands. I would have then had to lick my hand or something to get all of the virus that remained. 0.0001% was probably high. If you wanted to try to figure out the actual number, you'd have to start here: what % of the population currently has COVID-19 and is unaware and out and about? It's not like that number is even 5%.
    • I don't buy that there's only a 0.0001% risk.  Where did that number come from?  I leave my home a lot... groceries, outdoor cocktails (downwind and 10 feet from friends), golf course every day, walks, bicycle rides, a take out burrito today from Casa que Pasa and for gas.  All calculated risks.  It's sort of fun to know... that the next time you reach for the gas pump handle you'll think of good ol' DMM.
    • Viral load matters quite a bit, the pumps are outside, and a bunch of other factors, including that I have a bottle of hand sanitizer in my car. Because, again, 0.000001% may as well be 1%. Why do you ever leave your house if you're not willing to risk 0.0001% chance of anything happening?
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