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    • He got that advice already. We can also have a discussion about practice swings. Let’s be careful about volunteering others to give free advice, too. 🙂
    • So many variables. 90%? No. I carry 4 wedges for a reason.. Different lofts, different bounces. All capable of being hit full bore ( Which I seldom do with the 60) every other one better at thick or thin lies. All working best for me being laid somewhat open, using the bounce + and being a bit aggressive. Yet today I went to an 8 iron off my back toe to run a ball 25 yards up to a small shelf the pin was on, perched between the hill and a sharp drop off to a bunker. It wasn't even a fair pin placement, much less design. The designer should be doing courses where the clowns nose lights up when you get close. The jackknob who put the pin on that sliver of ground should be tarred and feathered,
    • I’ve slowed down a bit on my practice but I’m still working on my swing. I shot 88 last week and my handicap is coming back down but I’m kind of stuck for the last month or so and not really sure what my focus should be. Looking at my video I feel I may be getting a little flippy. My biggest miss with my irons is hitting fat shots. With the driver it’s a two way miss. Contact with my driver is the best it’s ever been but I’m still prone to spraying it.     
    • I was about 18” from a hole in one on the par 3 tenth hole today. I birdied the hole.
    • Welcome to TST Jason.   Recording your swing will help the experts here give your some great advice.  
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