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    • Vaccines reduce the risk of a severe case. That was stated clearly by the FDA and CDC. They don’t eliminate the risk. No vaccine does absolutely nothing to protect you. You are only relying on your own immune response. 610,000 so far didn’t have a good enough immune system. Millions more had severe cases and lived with many suffering life changing side effects. The Delta variant is worse. Anyone not getting vaxxed now is a complete and utter irresponsible moron.
    • I got my rejection email. I did win four for a Monday about ten years ago.
    • I leave it in if it required tending back in the day because I had a hard time seeing the hole. Anything else, out.
    • No doubt the first thing you will want to work on with putting is distance control.  If you get that right, you will rarely find yourself in a position where you have to make a knee knocker of a second putt, with a high potential for three putts.  Reading greens is a mixture of art and science.  Some people can look at a green and just see where they need to start the ball.  Others need to evaluate every factor almost "scientifically".  But that is something you will improve with time and playing more golf. A possible alternative if you have the space and potentially money, is to build a practice green in your back yard.  Will mean a lot of work to build and more importantly maintain it, but it can truly make a big difference if you wind up practicing on it regularly How to make your own backyard putting green in just 8 steps Want to sink more putts without ever leaving home? Make your own backyard putting green with these tips from a superintendent.   Do It Yourself Golf: Putting Greens | Golf Digest For homeowners desiring to pack more golf into their lives—not add a chore—a synthetic-turf green is the way to go.  
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