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    • No, the Isles in their history have stolen some Game 7s.   The Isles are that boxer that no matter how many you knock them down, they get back up. Tampa last I heard was down to 10 forwards for Game 7.    If last night’s game was the last ever game in the Coliseum, what a way to close the old barn.
    • Day Thirty, June 24, 2021 Played 18 holes today, shot 76 with a strained right tricep/shoulder.
    • It’s been a while since I have posted a video. I have not had much practice time but I forced myself to get out to the range today to see what it looks like. I’ve been hitting my driver better than ever but am struggling with my irons (primary miss is fat shots). I had a bit of a regression in my scoring but do have my handicap down to an 18 and shot an 88 my last round.    looking at my video was an eye opener. I feel like some of my OTT is coming back but I still think there is some improvement from where I was. My primary focus has moved on to trying to increase my lag and feel the back of my left hand facing the target at impact. After looking at this I may go back to my original focus of trying to shallow my downswing and keeping my head more steady.    I would appreciate any feedback you all may have. Thanks!!      
    • Speaking of fast pit stops… FIA to force F1 teams to slow down their pit stops · RaceFans The FIA is to introduce new rules forcing F1 teams to slow down their rapid, two-second tyre changes during races.   "Mercedes complained about Red Bull pit stops. The current internet theory is that Red Bull personnel are anticipating wheels being fully sealed on cars rather than reacting to the sensor saying the wheel is on the car, hence why they are so fast. So the person in charge of signaling to the lollypop person is reacting before the sensor is actually “on”. I guess they’ve analyzed the reaction times by pit personnel and compared it to scientific studies on human reaction time. Explains why Red Bull is so fast, they don’t react to sensors they anticipate them. From a safety perspective makes sense why that’s a no-no."
    • Did Rahm have the option to go straight at the hole on 18? It was either option go straight at hole get birdie but big number rolling it into the water or option escape bunker away from hole, longer putt for birdie, but take water out of play.
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