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    • Give it another 3-5 years and I might feel the same. Some tech within that umbrella is ready to go out and be a commercial success, but I've done enough work with some of the latest and greatest for machine learning algorithms to know I don't want it touching anything critical safety related just yet. Computer vision is something that many people have a pretty good handle on and there's fresh data coming in often enough that 1-3 missed detections aren't going to cause any noticeable affects. Machine learning is quite a bit more difficult and most practical applications using it are currently "stuck" in that 80-90% of the way there phase that's good enough to show real promise but not good enough to release to the public. Funny enough it's a lot easier to teach an AI to play a video game than it is to teach them to do something like control a temperature. It wasn't all that far off it turns out, the real number was 0.00029 compared to my estimate of 0.00039. The reason I said 3 trips per registered car on average is because while there are a lot of cars that sit (multiple cars for one driver, or the driver isn't using it that day) there are also plenty of cars that are moving all day possibly with multiple different drivers. Figured it probably averaged out somewhere in that 3-4 trips per car range and it looks like that's correct (since 4 trips per car would give a probability of 0.00028. 4 trips per car per day would've been the best guess it seems.
    • I will accept "easier" for many but for me both more realistic & easier!  + Why make things more difficult than they need be? 
    • This is a bad calculation because many people have more than 1 vehicle. For me, I have 3, two motorcycles and a car, and I don't think I have ever taken all 3 out in the same day, let alone 3 times each. A better metric would be 3x licensed drivers.
    • Spend 30 bucks or spend 15 seconda after each round? I'll just keep doing it for myself
    • @Cantankerish I do trust your experience but maybe my body just recovers slower than yours? I'm also a slim dude. I used to be a serious long distance runner and never got past "pretty damned skinny" til my 30's and I feel my "natural" body state is skinny. So what happens to you the day of lifting may be happening to me for several more days. Your description of what happens to you on days you lift is familiar to me. But perhaps everybody just has different muscle recovery schedules?  Similarly for @TN94z, perhaps Koepka just recovers faster than Cantankerish who recovers faster than me? That said, I just can't imagine any pro intentionally going into a tournament w/ doms. And I know doms hits everybody differently. I know some gym rats that squat 8 plates who still get doms hard every leg day, while I know others who have trained just as long who don't.
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