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What'd You Shoot Today?


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58! I shot a 58!!
...on 9 holes...

Long game was out of whack, but the putter was decent (for me). Today was the first time I have played since New Year's Eve, so I guess the rust is going to need to be knocked off. The best nine hole score I've had is a 49.

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First round of the year Saturday: I usually shoot between 86 and 90; I shot a 95 ( bleh ). But I take solace in the fact that I had several very good holes ( pars ), several mediocre holes ( bogeys ), and two complete blow up holes ( a 7 on a par three [ don't ask ] and an 8 on a par 5 ). If I had controlled myself a bit better on the two embarressments, shot a par on them both, then I would have scored an 88, a somewhat respectable score for me. Ah, but then, if pigs could fly......
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Freezing rain sucks! It is 10 degrees where I am and we are getting 5 or 6 inches of snow today.
It is nice to live vicareously through you guys who get to golf all winter.
Keep posting those rounds!

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We got another 4+ inches last night. I don't know where they are going to put it all. We had the freezing rain last week. Mother Nature was nice enough to then cover that with 6 inches of snow. Oh yeah it was 6 degrees on Sunday...for the high. The low was -2.

My wife and I took a picture of the temperature gauge in her truck when it was -2. We still had one on my phone from August when it was 102. That is a 104 degree swing in six months. There should not be a place on earth that changes 104 degrees. Ever.

This is by far the worst winter we have had in the last 5 years.
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77 yesterday, which I guess isn't awful, but considering I was only 1 over after the first (and more difficult) 9, it was pretty frustrating. There's a tropical depression in the area, so the wind was blowing about 30mph, and that was making it pretty hard to judge distances well. The funny thing was that I started off hitting almost every green in regulation. Then I get to the back 9 where the wind is behind me and hit 2 balls OB. The first was a 5 iron off the tee that just kept going and going....and going....straight down the middle of the fairway...OB. The other was an 8 iron that flew 220 yards right over the green OB. I couldn't believe it. I then get to the last par 5 hoping for a birdie or eagle, as I usually reach it in two as its only 475. Get into the green-side bunker for 2 and end up with a 7. Then of course I three putt the next hole for a beautiful 77.
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Shot even par walking the front nine at my home course after work (usually 2 days a week i can walk 9). 1 bird, 1 bogey, the rest pars.

Great round considering I was wearing my work boots (long day and too damn lazy to put on the golf'un shoes) and they pulled the pins when I was on the 4th hole. Just went on the course pin position for the day and actually did pretty well just aiming for the front--middle--and back of the green.

Definetly not a tough course 6200 yards, but it is tight and surrounded by trees. Anyway first time I shot even on the front nine from the tips...plenty of +1 scores over the past months since i got the membership, but no level pars until today.

Well...if you are still reading, thanks.
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I shot 87 today. I played the blue tees at Baytree National Golf Links in Melbourne Florida.

It was my first time playing with my new CG4 irons.
I was hitting them with a little draw but half the time I hit them I did not figure that the ball would draw as much as it did.

I am playing again tommorow.
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82 today!... ... ... But I suppose I should add that I had a drop out also. More in the interests of pace of play than an outrageously large number. brobably would have been a 7 or 8 (though on a par 5, thats cardinal!). So I'll say 89-90 today.

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Man it was a great day, I went down to the greatest golf store/pro shop in Oregon (Fiddler's Green) and picked up my new shoes: Etonic G-Sok XCRs. I hit a bunch of clubs and ending up buying 2 new woods: Touredge Bazooka Geomax 3 and 5 (anyone want to buy a Mactec NVG 3+?). I had all my clubs regripped with new Winn G8's. Then on the way home I stopped at Diamond Woods and shot a 106 which ended up being FANTASTIC because I shot a worse than mediocre 58 on the front 9 which means I improved by 10 strokes on the back for a 9 hole personal best or 48!

I LOVE my new 5 wood and I LOVE Fiddler's Green which is the only store I know of that consistently beats the best price I can find on the internet. That is sooo rare these days.

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Shot 73 yesterday. Despite it being winter golf season and not playing much, I actually played pretty solid yesterday. I had a couple of stupid chips that resulted in a few bogeys that put me over par. I had some moments of greatness though and made some solid birdies. Also started out putting lights out. Had 7 putts through the first 6 holes, but it turned mediocre as I expected it would.
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I had one of my best displays of inconsistency yesterday. We played back and I carded 10 pars, 1 bogey, and 7 doubles for an 87. I don't think that I ever have had 7 doubles ever. At least the 10 pars were solid.

Let's see, I punched out safely into a cabbage palm, three putted, chipped onto and back off the green, two in the water...that's enough!

My best shot was 170 out with a little tree trouble so I went down to a 6 iron, aimed slightly left to avoid the branch and hit a fade pin high. It came off perfect. That one shot made my day.
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    • Lesson 9/25: Some bad things had crept into my swing, and I think I have the tools to fix them. Setup: I was setting up a little to close to the ball. Not sure what precipitated this, but as soon as instructor pointed it out, I stepped back maybe 1/2 to 1 ball and right away addressing the ball felt more comfortable. I've started fidgeting with my right hand grip at setup again, resulting in an overly strong right hand. This seems to happen when I stand over the ball too long, maybe because I am not committed to the swing. Worked on increasing grip pressure with this hand through backswing. I'll need to work on this. Backswing: Need to get a little more depth, but otherwise okay. Might have been I was focusing too much on downswing that I short changed backswing. Nothing major to work on right now. Downswing: Clubhead exit was too much up and out, and not enough left. Worked a bit with a PVC/pool noodle plane thing in front of the ball to get a feel for the clubhead exiting more around and left, and less up, after impact. Might pick up some PVC pipe, elbows, and a tee-fitting at a hardware store, or maybe order a Pure Plane Pro device for this. Everything in the downswing looked pretty good up until club delivery, where I was shoving/flipping my right hand pretty hard. Right before delivery, clubhead was in a good position, but I was still shoving/flipping it closed through impact. Tried out a feel/thought of holding the face open through impact. Initially instructor just had me try to hit the ball with an open face and hit a push-slice way right. Even though it felt like I was leaving the face wide open, the ball was not atrociously offline right. After a few balls of getting used to the concept, I backed off the feel a little bit and was hitting the ball pretty straight. It'll take some work to deprogram my right hand/arm for this one.
    • You are correct, Titleist has really upped the distance on last years TS models and even more so on this years.  The older ones always carried the moniker of being for people who were concerned with shot shaping over distance.  Now a days if you want to sell a driver, distance seems to be the number one concern and it’s good to see Titleist jumping on the bandwagon because they make nice looking driver heads
    • My understanding of "links" is that many people have a different set of criteria. I guess I agree that Chambers Bay and The Kingsley Club are not true links courses. When I hear the term it brings a vision of natural seaside dunes, sandy soil, fast, firm with weather often in play, and options to play the "ground game". Chambers was created by necessity; there is no sea or Great Lake near Kingsley; but both courses offer the same style of play along with most of the other features, and are a blast to play every round.
    • It’s easier to say good morning, tip your hat and keep moving. If they were that so the hole in front sounds like it is there for the taking. (?)
    • You gotta cough, rattle your clubs a bit.  Ask, "Would you be so kind to let me play through?"  Sometimes you have to make it happen.  
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