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What'd You Shoot Today?

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Got out after the wind and rain last night and shot 42 on front of 72.3/128. I will be trending down to 10.x tomorrow, we'll see how I do tonight, the 42 will combine with that score.

It was crowded and they put me with another single and a twosome that walked in just before I did. Only worth mentioning because the twosome were strapping young guys that didn't look enthused about playing with me and the other old guy, he was in his 60's. I've seen the older guy around and despite a funky swing he's got game. By the #4 the youngsters decided to fall back a hole, nobody behind us. I assume because they were having a tough time. They spent more time in the weeds looking for their big, weak slices than golfing. Jim the older man was razzing them pretty good. On the previous tee he not so politely mentioned they should move up to the whites. I played from the blacks because he was playing from there, usually I play blues there. The kiddies tried playing from back there and the course destroyed them. Funny thing was they actually headed for the championship tees before some eye rolling and moving up the blacks with me and Jim.

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Had the game of my life this morning. Shot my age - 68. Par   4   4   4   3   5   4   5   3   4   36     4   3   5   3   4   4   5   4   4    36   72 Me    4   4   3   2   5   3   6   2   4 

41-39-80 at Stoneleigh Golf & CC other than a topped first drive and a couple of 3 putts played pretty well in a windy day with @GolfLug @billchao @Hardspoon And the Aimpoint class with

CAREER BEST! Played my home course. Birdie at 1 to get the day rolling and never looked back. 3 birds on the front to one bogey to play the front -2. Had 2 birdies and 2 bogeys on back for an even bac

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+4 40,

Triple bogey, One Birdie, two bogeys, five pars

Triple bogey was just bad. Shanked iron off the tee, poor recovery, stupid 3rd shot, piss poor 4th shot, decent chip, missed the double bogey putt.

But, i went 1 over the next 5 holes, so good recovery :)

Swing was kinda bad tonight, not sure what i was doing wrong, but  i was able to recover and play half way decent.

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Had one of my best rounds in a while.  Maybe I'm back in the playing form I was in when I was a single digit handicapper!

Rating: 70.4 / Slope: 121

Par 72

Shot an 81

Like any round I had many holes I could have improved on.  My driving distance was good, accuracy wasn't terrible.  I only hit 6/14 fairways but I want to say only 2 or 3 or those misses were by more then 5 yards.  I did only hit 7/18 GIR which really hurt me, if it wasn't for my chipping around the greens my round would have been much higher.  Final stat for the round was I had 32 putts (which for me is good).  Overall, very happy with this round.  With the rounds I've had these last two weeks I should lower my handicap pretty significantly.

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Shot a 53 over 9 holes. Given that it was my first time on a course this entire season, and 4th time overall since starting to play last summer, I was OK with it. Especially since my friend who plays almost weekly shot a 51.

I've been a range rat this summer just trying to figure out "my" swing (and honestly I haven't wanted to embarrass myself playing with strangers), but it is just totally and completely different out on the course. I almost don't even want to go back to the range now, I just want to get out on the course and play. I was OK off the tee and in the fairway (my slice has calmed into a gentle fade which I just need to learn how to play properly) but anything from 50 yards in was dreadful. Skulled chips that shot over the green, almost every hole was a 3 putt... I definitely know what I need to work on.

My wife bought me a gift card for the 9 hole course 2 minutes from our house, so I know I'll be by there much more often!

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+8 on a tough 9 hole course (no rating on black tee which I played) after work.  I did everything half way decent.  Played without 3 wood or driver to focus on iron shots.   Practiced using 6 iron for chipping from fringe.  Just wanted to add this to my short game arsenal.  I over hit them initially but got the hang of it by the end.

Started at 6:20 pm and barely finished before dark (8:20) due to slow groups in front.   They were beginners and insisted on playing from black tee, longest of 4 tees.   Aaaaahhhh!   Without slow play, we usually play this course in 70 minutes instead of 120 minutes.   50 mins of my life ... wasted waiting behind tee box.

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Played Isleworth CC......one of the two courses they play the Tavistock Cup at.  VERY exclusive and the only reason they allowed the likes of me there is that a buddy of mine was a volunteer at the Tavistock Cup this last year and was allowed to play and bring guests.  Annika lives there, as do a bunch of other Tour Pros when they're in town, and it's Tiger's former home.

6780 yds. 72.9/139

87. 5, count 'em FIVE doubles and never sniffed a birdie.  Saved bogey off of my only lost ball.  Very tough, subtle greens that I just never figured out.  Played late in the day, so hotter than Hell, 2 hours worth of rain delays, and just a really hard course, albeit in perfect condition.

I posted pics in the course pics thread.  If I'd have spent more time worried about my golf game, and less paying attention to the surroundings, I might have played a little better!


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only played 9 holes today was even. With two birdies and two bogeys. Got my birdies on hole 1  and 4 , got my bogeys on hole 2 and 5. Sucks I got them right after my birdies, but thats how it goes.

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no warm up and starting on 10 (the back has more narrow fairways and is harder overall.) had me putting in a 116 on a 146 slope course.

i could not get my driver warmed up until it was way too late in the round. i also was blocking everything right, something i'll have to work on.

getting much better iron contact though, just gotta strengthen my grip for iron shots because my driver is so draw biased i keep a weak grip with it or i hook it.

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Played the local Par 65.

Shot 78. Last few rounds have been 81, 79, 80, 78,and 78.

Started strongly and usually do not. Parred all 4 - got behind a slow group (who eventually let us through), but then started a 3 hole run of poor scoring, 6, 6, 7.

Back 9 was a strong finish with the wind at our backs. +4 for the back 9.

6 GIRS which I'm chuffed about, overall (8 pars) but blew 2 more with short putts and 3 putting.

Hopefully out tomorrow.

Overall - things are progressing well. Driving is hit or miss at the moment and need to focus further on this. Putting overall is good, but I tend to struggle a bit with it to begin with maybe I should use the practise greens more often.

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+4 39

Played OK, ball striking is still a bit hit or miss. I am hitting the ball first, just have to get the diagonal sweet spot and clubface control down. So, bitching about how bad i played shooting a 39, when i use to really like these scores is fun :p

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Shot a 90 (+18). Couple poor shots, but overall a good ball striking day. Early on wedge play hurt, and kept JUST  missing my putts (by a matter of 1-3 balls wide/short), seemingly every hole.

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97 on a par 72 course (played back 9 twice due to a tourney on the front 9) in New Mexico. First time to play this particular course, but the excuses for this round are non-existent.  It honestly felt like I shot a 110+.  I couldn't hit anything.  Even my pitching was only on about 50% of the time, which is way off for me.  On the flip side, the guy I played with shot a +1 for the round.

I did discover something that helped on my putting about halfway through the round.  Right arm straight and maintained at a straight angle on the follow through.  This may or may not be basic putting knowledge, nonetheless, I sunk a 20 ft. birdie putt on a par 3 and got most of my other putts within 1 - 2 feet of the hole after applying this technique.  I'm squeezing in a range trip and hopefully another 9 holes before this scramble on Saturday, or my time is going to hate me.

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I reverted back to my play earlier this season, one good nine and one horrendous. 39-47-86.

I even had a triple bogie on the 39 side, along with two birdies, but the main difference between the two sides was putting, although I hit some dicey drives that put me in bad positions on the back. 13 putts on the front, 19 on the back.

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+9  44. had 1 triple due to lost ball, provisional was great, approach shot landed on front and rolled to back *rock hard green*. Screwed the pooch on the first putt because I didn't back off when a bug was flying around me. Just missed 2nd put 2 inches left. 2 bogeys, 2 doubles, 4 pars. Should have been so much better but had 2 3 putts and 3 shorted chip/pitches also. Easily should have been sub 40 round. Ball striking in general was pretty good, didn't duff/chunk/thin any shots.

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    • Day 6.  Played fourball, lost 2&1.  Hit the ball well, drove it much better than I usually do, putted better than Sunday but not as good as I'd have liked.   Made two putts over 10' during the round, so that was cool. 
    • In addition to the above: The idea of Tiger being in a wheelchair for months does not imply that he is a cripple unable to get around any other way, it refers to the idea that a sensible way of aiding rehabilitation is to keep the injuries stable, and keeping undue weight off them is an important way of doing so. He will most likely get to a point within a couple of months, or several weeks or a perhaps just a few weeks where he can use a combination of both crutches and a wheelchair. In the same way that he'd be crazy to use stairs when he can use a lift at a certain point in his recovery.    
    • Lots of speculation there. 😉 I don't think there have been any people who have stated categorically what they KNOW will happen. The consensus would be that the implications are dire with regard to a return to top level competitive golf and pretty much everyone hopes that he will be able to return to some semblance of normality sooner rather than later. Most people have focused on Tiger the person rather than Tiger the golfer, which I think is pretty fair and reasonable. Also, he has more than a "broken leg and fractured ankle". Those terms cover a wide range, obviously, but this was no minor accident. The topic of the thread invited people to speculate, as you have done. I think it's all pretty moot, anyway. I would speculate that the last thing he would want to do would be to be seen as a charity case or a freak show "wildcard" tournament entry and shoot 86 and then withdraw. I don't think people have said that a return would CAUSE further major injury, it's a question of whether the current injuries will prevent a serious return to COMPETITIVE tournament play which is the only thing that interests him with regard to his presence at a tournament  as a player. (I think)
    • I always laugh when something like this happens and all the interweb know-it-alls start speculating... "he'll be in a wheelchair for the next 12 months!" - over a broken leg and fractured ankle?  He will not be in a wheelchair for a year, he's not paralyzed.  "He needs to retire, no need to risk his health!" - what, given his injury history already, could he possibly do playing GOLF that would debilitate him permanently?  And yes, I'm well aware of how golf can screw up a persons body given the amount of muscles used... but still, coming back and playing golf, at worst, could only likely result in an additional injury that *might* at *worst* actually end his playing days as a competitor.  It's not like returning to golf is going to put him in a wheelchair permanently from trying to smoke a drive.  At this point, I hope he recovers fully, and I do hope that if he can, he returns to playing golf.  If not, so be it.  But who am I to say or anyone else here "no need to risk your health Tiger, retire!"
    • If they all got legit handicaps and you can split it relatively even, you could do a Ryder Cup style event.
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