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What'd You Shoot Today?

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Tied my best score today (although the first time was on a tougher course, so not my best round). 37 - 39 for 76. 6,834 Yards 71.3/117 Had a Triple on #17, 234 Yd Par 3... Very upsetting considering the potential going into the final 2 holes
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Had the game of my life this morning. Shot my age - 68. Par   4   4   4   3   5   4   5   3   4   36     4   3   5   3   4   4   5   4   4    36   72 Me    4   4   3   2   5   3   6   2   4 

41-39-80 at Stoneleigh Golf & CC other than a topped first drive and a couple of 3 putts played pretty well in a windy day with @GolfLug @billchao @Hardspoon And the Aimpoint class with

CAREER BEST! Played my home course. Birdie at 1 to get the day rolling and never looked back. 3 birds on the front to one bogey to play the front -2. Had 2 birdies and 2 bogeys on back for an even bac

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First time ever on a course that wasn't basically 7 out of 9 holes that were 100 yards.

Played 18 on a 9 hole course that's 30.1/99 par 62.

Shot a 105 with 10 penalty strokes (mostly from the driver slice costing me two strokes off the tee right away with balls into the woods). Thought I had the driver figured out at the range and then today the slice was back. Irons were great. Can't complain one bit. If anything I hit the ball better than I anticipated at times given the challenge of elevation and cost myself penalties from sizing down and hitting the ball great. Putting was an absolute nightmare. Forty one of them. Considering it was my first time ever playing a legitimate golf course (by my standards anyways) I was pretty happy. I'd have to say a +43 is not a good day, but it honestly didn't feel that bad. Even though I suck.

This course has almost no leeway if you don't hit things straight though. It's all woods surrounding the fairways and the greens so almost nothing is playable, even if you're just a little left or right and it bounces. The end result is your ball is most likely unable to be found and even if it is you have to take a drop.

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Yesterday I shot a disappointing 10 over on a par 36 course. Started out with a quad bogey on the hole I birdied the last time around. Raised my handicap (nothing official, just oobgolf) to an even 10. Today I shot +5 on a par 34, slightly better, but still should have avoided a double on one hole.

Driving has been erratic.

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been playing very good this year (for me) typically in the mid 70's no matter where im playing basically. today shot 82 and struggled to get it there. crazy for me to think it was a bad scoring wise at that. last year id have been happy with that. its a crazy game

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After getting rained out for our afternoon round, played my local course for 9 holes.  Shot a 45 which is good for me, but should have been better.  Made my 1st eagle on #3 which is a short par 4 (286 yards) hit a bad drive and was under the pine trees on a bed of pine needles.  About 140 yards out, hit a 5 iron to keep it low and rolled up on the green and in the hole.  Better to be lucky than good. :)

Here is my game golf for the round:


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after 3 straight game of 101,106,107 riddled with stupid mistake i finally played well enough for a whole game and scored 98. Next step is going to be high 80s low 90s.

Soooo happy, played more in the last 2 weeks then the last 2 years, and i am hooked again haha

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Worst game I ahve played since I irts started. Shot 127 on a par 72 for 55 over par  Nothing but stupid mistakes. and a wicked slice on the first 4 holes at my home course/ Glad I was palying alone. I had 3 two stroke penalties due to lost balls. My putting killed me today seemed like i could not find the hole. Hope for a better round Tuesday

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We had our club championship this weekend and for the past few years I have really struggled on the mental side of things. I have kept pushing to get through it and shot a pair of 76's yesterday and today to win the championship. The greens are running quite a bit slower then I was used to so my putting really struggled but other then that I was very happy with my play.

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Went golfing today and I felt pretty good going into the round. I've been working on axis tilt and it seems to be helping at the range. It was also my first round using left hand low putting. I started off just slightly off with a bogey on the first 4 holes then a dbl bogey. I turned it around on 6 and finishinedbthe front going par,par,bogey(3putt), then par to go out 7 over. The back 9 par,dbl bogey(lost ball off tee),bogey,par,par,bogey,par,par,quad. I had 8 gir, 2nd round in a row, and finished with 8 pars total, I think my best. Over a 12 hole stretch I 8 pars so I was pretty happy about that. Oh and I had a really good putting day, 35 total putts but I was leaving putts withen a foot all day and had about 4 birdie putts lip out.
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13 holes last night - #10 on one course, it was so crowded we called in and they moved us to the back nine of the other course.  Played 10-18, and then 1-3 before it got too late.

back nine here.  Chipping and putting were REALLY good.  Saved a LOT of pars with good lags and a couple really nice chips and two long 2nd putts (that resulted from steep downhill lags).  Play was 'decent' otherwise.

hit 7 of 9 fairways.  Actually, hole 11 did hit A fairway - just not mine.....

no 3 putts this time.  very nice

gaining a LOT of confidence these last couple months

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2 three putts and a ball in the hazard

Bull Run Golf Club

Blue Tees

Par 72


Played in the MAPGA Bull Run Pro Am

4-person, 2 better ball format (one gross, one net)

We shot 20 under as a team, came in first place. Second place was 18 under.

Pro shot 68 with 6 birdies, one of the other players shot 71 with 2 birdies and an eagle. And I had three birdies. And the other player shot 80.  Great day on the course.

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Shot a nine hole 40, which should've been way better... two 3 putts, and a 4 putt from less than 15 feet! Sure it rained and was very windy and a very undulated green, but that was just sad :(

Had to scramble after way to many "wild" tee shots, either to the right or in hazards.

Putting was horrible and the rest was weak... So after all quite alright with a 40!

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Shot and 85 today, tied my best round score, but what I'm more excited about was shooting a 40 in the back. My best ever 9 hole score. Really pulled it together after a disappointing start to my round when I had an 8 and couldn't putt to save my life.
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