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What'd You Shoot Today?

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Today I shot 78.  My best score ever, and the second time I've ever broken 80. 

Disclaimer: it was from the forward tees, 5500 yards.  Still, some of the best golf I've ever played. 


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I would add, one thing that really helped me yesterday was that there was a slow group in front of us and no one behind us, so we took our time lining up our putts.  I really looked very carefully at my putts from all angles.  It was like the PGA tour.  So my putting was pretty good.  Normally, I just get up there and putt it so we can get going.  Maybe I care too much about holding people up behind us.  

I also had some lucky shots.  On more than one occasion, I thought my shot had gone off the back of the green, only to find my ball pin high, within 10 feet.  On one par-5, I skied my tee shot about a hundred yards, then hit a really nice 5 wood that landed in a fairway bunker, then hit a really bad layup shot that just got out of the bunker, then hit a long shot that wound up within tap in distance for par.   Sheer luck. 

Or the 80 foot double-breaking putt with 3 feet of fringe, that wound up 6 inches from the hole.   That has to be pure luck. 

But my ball striking with my irons has gotten much better. 

And now, if you read all that, thank you for reading about my favorite subject: me.     

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First 18 hole round of the year for me. Shot an 80. I'm pretty pleased with how I struck the ball. Putting was really bad. I had 3 putts, and 2 of those were not that long. But I've been working entirely on my swing, so I'm not too worried about the putting. I need to work on it, yes, but that's okay. Hit 8 GIR, and had 2 up and downs from 40 yards, so that's nice.

Weird thing was that I chunked every shot where I tried to choke down on the club. Hit the ball well otherwise.

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Bad week overall

Wed - 86 (44-42), Thr - 79 (41-38), Fri - 92 (49-43), Sat - 82 (46-36), Sun - 82 (42-40)

I haven't shot in the 90's in over a year. Just strange, I can't seem to concentrate, and then all of a sudden, everything seems in focus as in the 46-36 round.

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