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What'd You Shoot Today?

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41(+6)-44(+8) for an 85 (+14). Really short track (Dales at Community), so nothing spectacular. Did keep the same ball the whole round though which is the first or second time I've done so. Holed a lot of 15 ft plus putts, missed a couple inside of 5 ft too though. Very comfortable round with some silly DBs.

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Had the game of my life this morning. Shot my age - 68. Par   4   4   4   3   5   4   5   3   4   36     4   3   5   3   4   4   5   4   4    36   72 Me    4   4   3   2   5   3   6   2   4 

41-39-80 at Stoneleigh Golf & CC other than a topped first drive and a couple of 3 putts played pretty well in a windy day with @GolfLug @billchao @Hardspoon And the Aimpoint class with

CAREER BEST! Played my home course. Birdie at 1 to get the day rolling and never looked back. 3 birds on the front to one bogey to play the front -2. Had 2 birdies and 2 bogeys on back for an even bac

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Shot 90 in a weird round. Temperature was in the mid-90s, about 30 degrees hotter than normal for my area. Shot a 41 on the front and 49 on the back. Fatigue was definitely a factor, especially during the last 6 holes.

Had 14 GIR/nGIR and only 2 penalty strokes, so not a bad ball striking day, but short game was absolutely terrible. Two holes with 3 pitches/chips to get on the green from inside 15 yards.

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Score: 102

CR/Slope: 71.6/121

GIR: 3/18; 16.7%

FIR: 5/14; 36%

Penalty Strokes: 7

Birdie: 1

Pars: 4

Bogeys: 5

DB: 3

TB: 1

Quad Bogey+: 4

The scores won't reflect it but I'm feeling not too bad about my game at the moment.  I'm still muddling around 3-4 GIRs but my nGIRs are a lot closer to the green - two off the top of my head that were just off.  Another thing I found interesting is I went long on a few shots that went over the green so not sure if my swing getting better is throwing  my distances off or not.  I'll see later today when I play again.

The bad - still too many penalty strokes.  Of the 7, 4 came off the tee with driver on holes 2 and 9 (a failure in game management in that I didn't look at the scorecard to see the distance that would have told me I no business playing driver).  Driver overall a bit inconsistent, hitting a tee shot that easily could have been OB had I not gotten lucky and found it on 18 so, 3 bad drives out of 7 in the round.  The other penalty strokes came off the tee with a terrible 9 iron off the tee on 3 that I sprayed right and a badly aligned slight fade with my 3H on 11.  The other three were 1 on 2 where I had a ball severely above my feet that i put into the woods and 2 where the I pulled into the woods with a 9 iron on a downhill lie.

So inconsistent but getting better, I feel.  Just have to probably concentrate more on the tougher shots to avoid penalty strokes.

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42 minutes ago, RFKFREAK said:

Yeah, birdie on Friday and yesterday.  Playing 18 today, too, so let's see if I can keep the streak alive! 

You are doing great, brother. 

Keep it up. 

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Haven’t played in 5 days. But I did hit some balls yesterday.  Got up and played with no expectations.   So I shot even par 72.  Hit 8 fairways but then I also hit 13 Greens.  30 putts. Birdied the last hole. Sank a 10 footer, right to left that snapped at the end.  Of course my friends gave me grief!  Said I should take more time off!  3 bogeys, 3 birdies.

Come to think of it, my last 7 rounds have all been in the 70’s (75,77,77,76,75,75 and 72).  During that time I’ve had 23 birdies. Well that helps! Tooting my own horn!

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Shot 93 at a first time course, Blues Creek, Saturday. Man, it reinforced don't judge a book by the cover for me. When we pulled in, I thought I heard some Deliverance banjos. It ended up being a nice track and tested my ability for some chute tee shots or the same likeness on approaches. Had a great conversation with my playing partner that I feel will help my course management. Made me think about some shots, teeing off with a mid-iron on some holes instead of driver in tight positions, laying up, etc. Just a different approach in "dissecting" each hole. 

Shot 92 at another first time course yesterday, Darby Creek. A really beautiful course that played like to completely different 9's. The front is a links style while the back is mostly wooded more traditional. Despite some really challenging greens, I felt I played well here save one hole where I took a quad on a dogleg right. Two penalty strokes on this hole. I was able to get it out of my head though and bogey and par the next two holes before the turn.

Playing another first time course tomorrow, The Links at Echo Springs in Johnstown. @klineka, ever play here?

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On 9/6/2020 at 9:20 AM, RFKFREAK said:

Yeah, birdie on Friday and yesterday.  Playing 18 today, too, so let's see if I can keep the streak alive! 

So, this didn't happen but not the worst round and not to displeased considering I never played this course before and also had a few actual highlights.

Score: 106

CR/Slope: 71.8/129

GIR: 6/18; 33%

FIR: 4/14; 29%

Penalty Strokes: 11

Birdie: 0

Pars: 2

Bogeys: 8

DB: 3

TB: 0

Quad Bogey: 5

3 putts: 5

So, first the big positive: I had 6 GIRs which ties my all time high and which I hadn't done since October of last year which encompasses 26 rounds.  Really was happy about that because it was a course I had never played before and it was only 4 rounds ago where I had 0 GIRs.  So, really feel like I'm making major improvements with the full swing.

Another positive, short game, outside of 1 penalty stroke wasn't terrible, although I did leave a few short game shots off the green but I never practice it so I don't expect to always get it on the green.

The bad, and there were multiple.

1) I had 11 penalty strokes. 

So, I have a real difficult time starting my rounds.  Granted, I haven't warmed up on the range beforehand but that's not an excuse.  I'm pull hooking my drives so I think I have to have a more controlled swing with the driver until I get into a groove.  So, I pull hooked on the 1st and 2nd holes but had room on the left which saved me on the 1st hole but the narrow fairway on the 2nd led to my tee shot going OB. 

The 4th hole I just misaligned with my 3H tee shot and put it into the woods on the right side OB. 

On the 8th hole I skulled a pitch shot into the woods. 

The 13th hole I took two penalty strokes.  First I pulled my driver into the woods but found it and took an unplayable lie.  Then on my next shot I hit my 3H into the woods..

I did a masterful job on the 15th hole, a short par 4, taking 3 penalty strokes.  First, I tugged my 3H tee shot left which I thought was ok but I couldn't find so I presume it went into the woods.  I suffered a complete mental breakdown at that point.  I was super annoyed by the tee shot and a rather than leaving myself what I expected was a chip shot and a potential birdie/par, I left myself a full PW which I proceeded to spray into the woods on the right...twice..

Thinking I had not done enough damage on the 15th hole, I decided on the 17 to fiddle around with my driver swing figuring I had nothing left to lose and dumped two tee shots into the woods on the right and then when I was done messing around there, I sprayed a 5I right into the woods which I attribute to a lack of concentration for a 3rd penalty stroke on the hole.

2) I had five 3-putts.  The greens were a a fair amount quicker than I normally play and I really had difficulty adjusting with all the 3-putts coming in the first 10 holes where I had of my GIRs.  That said, the last two GIRs I had were on the 16th and 18th holes where it was the end of the day and I think I had adjusted to the greens (or speed of those two were more of what I was used to).

Anyway, lots of inconsistency but I really do believe I'm close to making a breakthrough. 

Three rounds in three days was fun.  I can't wait for retirement. :-$

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My round was actually yesterday and my score is not an official round. I took a lot of liberties since it was slow and I had time to kill so it was really more of a practice round. I shot 101 even with those liberties (which were mostly tinkering with my driver and taking a couple of extra shots trying to work on things. Most of the pain on the card was due to penalty strokes on tee shots and losing strokes putting and chipping. My mid to high irons were crisp and dialed in but I am all over the place with the longer clubs. I just cannot seem to hit my 4 or 5 iron. I keep hitting weak push slices with them but put a 6 iron in my hand and I’m hitting a crisp draw to a slight pull with it. 

Overall I feel like I’m going in the right direction even though my handicap is going backwards. 

Had a bit of an aha moment with my alignment. My son noticed that I am lined up to the right with my driver even though I felt I was aiming at my target. I’m going to try to keep a better eye on that going forward since most of my penalty strokes where drives that I hit right and OB. 

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Played Springfield today, my normal rounds of late, played ok on the front and much better on the back.

40-36-76 No Sixes Round, 2 birdies on back 9.

5 5 4 3 5 4 5 5 4 - 40     4 4 4 4 4 5 3 4 4 - 36 

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Played Stonebridge in Monroe NC. Barely beat the fading daylight and shot 96 mostly because of 39 putts and 5 penalty strokes. Struck the ball much better today including my low irons but totally lost my driver on the back 9. 

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Shot 92 at the Links of Echo Springs today. I felt I was in a pretty good groove and blew up on two holes back to back. Took a triple bogey and a quad. The heat and humidity started getting to me on about the final 5-6 holes and we were cart path only. The course was so wet many of the shots plugged to the numbers with minimal rollout. Can't wait to play this course again under different conditions. 

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    • Yes I know. We’re celebrating it.
    • Did you end up checking it out?
    • You know some people pay good money to be spectators at events like these. 😂. I have a friend who thinks I'm a slow player because I always get to the course after him, take two practice swings as part of my preshot routine, and use Aimpoint when putting what's m whereas he just hits and takes a look at his putt for a second or two before putting.  I don't think I'm a slow player but maybe i am 🤷‍♀️. That said, generally speaking, i don't have a family or anything i have a specific time that i have to get back for so a 4-4 5 hour round doesn't bother me as long as we're not stop, go, stop, go, stop, go.  If it feels like we're in rhythm then i generally won't be bothered bc the round won't feel like it takes a while.  I guess playing at public courses generally on weekends when you know it's going to be filled with ppl just makes me expect that a round won't be less than 4 hours.
    • Day 27 (23 Jul 21) - long day w/the grandkids, decided a few minutes with the putter was what was needed.  Worked on backswing - downswing length making sure both are equal length.  
    • Has anyone successfully got a round off of a GG Live system via computer in the past few days?  I'm wondering if Wednesday's failure was related to some sites disappearing briefly from the internet (although I was able to access the GG site).   Right now, mine is just recharging so I can use it on Sunday.  Would be nice to get the stats for today.
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