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How many fairway woods? Which ones and why?

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Number of Fairway Woods do you have in your bag?  

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  1. 1. How many fairway woods do you use?

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    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4 or more

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Just a 15o 3W for me.  I jump right to 3i from there.  I found I was never hitting anything in between those 2 ever so I opted for the extra wedge.  I will swap the 3W for a 2i (adams proto driving iron) if it's really windy so I guess sometimes the answer is 0.  But usually the 2i stays in the truck and it's the 3W.

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18 degree Rocketballz 5w for me. I got rid of the 3w because I just wasn't consistent off the deck with it. Goes just as far as my 3w but much, much more consistent. Also have a 22 degree 4h to fill the gap between 5w and 5i.

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I have a 3W that I can hit 190-200'ish 

I have a 5-7W'ish that I can hit 180-190+"ish (I put 'ish on the wood because it is adjustable, just don't remember the degree at the moment) 



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Used 3W and 5W from 1994 (yes, I changed clubs a couple of times) to 2012. Since then, it's been 4W and 7W. Circa 2009, I tried an offbrand 3H and a TM Raylor as a substitute for 5W, with mixed results.

4W launches better for me than most 3Ws; this made the 5W was too close in loft, so I went up one to 7W.

4W goes about 210; 7W about 190 (and is great out of the rough!).

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I usually play a 16* 3 wood and 19* 5 wood.  I do take the 3 wood out sometimes if I want to put another club in my bag for some reason. 

3 wood goes 240-250.  Great off the tee and almost as good off the deck.  Just wish I could carry it a little farther... a little lower and more roll out than the 5 wood.

The 5 wood goes 220-230.  It launches higher and is great off the deck and great off the tee as well.

My next club club is a a mix of hybrids that go 200-210 or so.






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I have an RBZ 3W but I only use it off the tee so I don't think you can really call it a "Fairway" wood in my hands.

I used to have a 5W but the RBZ 3H goes further and has more manageable misses so that was a no brainer as my "longest off the turf club" (200-215 or so)

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I carry two in my bag.  One is almost never used off the fairway and reserved  for tee shots only.  It is a Stage 2 Tour TS 13* that I've turned down a degree or two to open up the face.  I've reshafted it with a RIP Alphs Xstiff and love it off the tee when a tighter tee shot is required,  It's only failing is that sometimes it is too long.

The other is a RBZ Tour 5 wood 18* with a Xstiff Matrix Ozik in it and it is pretty much reserved for off the deck shots.  After using it yesterday off the deck I decided that I should use it more than I have been.

My Hybrid is a Stage 2 4H at 21* but also turned down a degree or two and has a 80g. Stiff TM TP shaft in it.  

I came to the conclusion that I had been using the hybrid too much off the deck and in situations where I thought the lie wasn't perfect.  After smoking some shots with the  5 wood I know now I should hit it more and from my difficult lies where before I thought only the hybrid was the correct club.

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A 15* Goldwin 3W I use off the tee for doglegs left.  About 235 yards.  This club I can really hook.  Can't get any height off the deck.

A 15* Ping K15 that is great of the deck (sucks off the tee).  Usually about 225 yards.

A 21* 5W for 190-215 yards.

I have a 23* 4H, but I don't count that as a fairway wood.  This one may be going to time out.


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Right now I have a 13° and 18° woods in the bag.  I do not have good luck with the 13° off the deck so I use the 18°.  I hit them halfway decent off from a tee.  If the ball is sitting up in the rough I will use the 18° without hesitation.  I also have been swapping a 17° and 21° hybrid in and out of the bag and when I get comfortable with them I can see the 18° wood sitting it out.  The distances between the 17° hybrid and 18° wood favors the wood by about 15 yards when struck cleanly.


Edit:  Clubs are Nike Covert Tour models so the lofts can be adjusted. 

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just 1 fairway - an 18 degree 5 wood. I find I can hit it almost as far as my old 3 wood off the tee, and it works a lot better off the fairway. Next longest club is a 21 degree hybrid, so the distance gapping is ok.

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I  have my Cobra 8 degree driver, then jump to a 13.5 degree Cleveland  3 wood ( it works like a mini driver ) , but can be hit from fairway.


Next is a Cobra Amp cell 3-4 wood set to 4 wood, and last a Cobra amp cell 5-7 wood set to 6 wood.


The course that I am a member at is perfect for these clubs. This set-up allows me to get on the green  with my tee shot, on the long par3's and some short par 4's.



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Note: This thread is 2040 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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