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Uber for Caddies

Note: This thread is 1594 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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As many have stated, most courses that offer caddies do no allow private caddies on their grounds.  The way around it would be for the golfer to bring the caddie as your guest but they would have to pay green fees for the caddie.

I've hired caddies the club provides and their value varies based on their familiarity with the course and the greens.  A caddie who doesn't know the course and the greens is worthless imo.

A forecaddie at my club is $40, one who carries your bag is $80.  Most club members hire forecaddies, so at $40 there's not much room to undercut the club prices, pay the caddie and make some money for yourself.

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I did not read all of the replies, and this may have been said already - but, most courses that allow caddies already have a caddie program. And for those courses who do not, I do not see any players taking a caddie. The exception is for events and tournaments. I could see, for example - for a state open, players taking caddies. For such cases, the standard now is caddies either call the course and/or governing body and get put on a list, and/or caddies just show up to the tournament and wait. Players show up and ask for a caddie, and those who are there go out in a first come first go basis. So, there is theoretically a lot of room for improvement on this process, but given that it is such a small market, I am not sure if the app would take off. 


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I just stumbled across this website, linked from the main website for MidSouth club.  


It looks like Caddiewalk is providing caddies for 6 courses in the Southern Pines area.

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I think "crowdsourcing" services can be good but not in this case. I don't live around a bigger metro area so don't see anyone actually caddying or really don't know where you'd source candidates/caddies as well. I grew up playing Peachtree Golf Club in ATL that only had caddies in white jump suits and they knew every inch of the course blind-folded that's why they were caddies. I don't think these same guys could have gone to another course and been anywhere near as helpful except for toting clubs.

I personally would never hire someone to carry my bag and give me "suggestions" purely because they don't know me and my swing, that's 50% of being a caddy.

I think that the hardest part of the process would be screening someone that would be qualified to be a caddy based on teaching status and course knowledge. And the technical issues you are going to run into that will be the biggest headache is the "payment gateway" or online/app payments

Also, always remember that you MUST "test the waters" before shelling out $10k + to hope that you have a MVP (Mininmal Viable Product) that has any return on investment.  Unfortunately, caddies are to old school and rarely used to have a MVP to offer

i say all this a web developer that has an app myself and design for clients for a living. Good thought direction though

P.S. If your an "idea" type person that has app ideas, that you think maybe the next Uber...I would suggest discussing your ideas with professional developers and marketing folks AFTER they sign a non-disclosure agreement. I'd hate to see your intellectual property get ripped off and someone beating you to the punch. I've seen it time and time again!

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Note: This thread is 1594 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • If it was a 3/4 wheel cart and you didn't turn it, it would do far less damage to the green than just walking around on the green. I know it doesn't look acceptable and people may give you the stink eye, but it may give you the chance to enlighten them on physics and weight dispersion.
    • I use a push cart, but gave it up at one time and went back to carrying.  Reason:  #8 at my home course has a very long, narrow green.  The green, from front to back is about 50 yards long.  My errant approach to a middle pin landed just to the right of the green... chipped on and made the par putt.  Then I noticed my push cart was to the right and the next tee was to the left.  In a quandry.  So I had a very long walk around the front or the back of the green.  My choice.  Sheesh, I could've just carried a bag across the green... the shortest distance.  I have since gone back to using a cart and I park my cart in a smarter way on that hole now.
    • I went to up vote you, but saw that I was not able. Good one.
    • Earlier yesterday I received a letter that mandated I close TST due to its status as a "non-essential" business. As many others know, Governor Tom Wolf of PA has closed golf courses state-wide, and now is closing all golf-related activity, despite courses in OH, NY, and WV remaining open so long as they follow the proper guidelines. At midnight tonight, I'm shutting TST down in order to comply with the order from Governor Wolf. This is a sad day, and I can only hope that we will be able to re-open TST at some point in June or July or whenever we finally get the all-clear. In the meantime, please consider signing this petition: Petition · LET PENNSYLVANIA GOLF · Change.org LET PENNSYLVANIA GOLF Thank you. I'll see y'all on the flip side.
    • Sorry but can’t let the vintage guitars things pass.  You would get slapped in the face for saying such things in any circle I’ve ever seen.  The 59 Stratocaster and old les Paul’s are some of the closest things to holy grails we have on this planet which is why original ones go for well over $10,000.  As far as FX modeling, that stuff is for bedroom use and it’s allowing people to get crazy good simulated tones similar to playing tiger woods pga Tour.  Feeling the air from a cranked tube amp is part of what allows for the electric guitar to be played the way it was intended.  Similar to how golf clubs are getting where it’s almost too easy and too forgiving so people don’t bond as much with the spirit of the thing which is for both guitar playing and golfing that it’s extremely difficult because it’s not supposed to be that easy to achieve tuning fork, tenderloin pureness. You can graduate to a kemper or something similar, but it’s just wrong to not learn how to respect the purity of a 65 blackface or a 59 les Paul.  respect history bro
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