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    • I flip my wrist at the ball and I am taking lesson to overcome it. After 3 weeks it is still a problem. There are hundreds of videos on youtube suggesting various drills such as work on weight shift by stepping your left foot forward, bow your left wrist at top of backswing, hitting stinger shots only at the range, practice swing without the balls. Can you share your experience on overcoming your flipping problem? What was the most effective drill and how long did it take to have lag in your swing?
    • I've played the forward tees at my home course a few times. It's a good change of pace and good practice. It can also be a good confidence booster, to know that you can mentally can break through those barriers you set for yourself. I would like to do it more often, but I don't get to golf enough to make me feel like I can do much practice like that on the course.
    • @gbogey's reference was to tournament play, not a casual round early in the morning with 3 friends and nothing on the line. When something is on the line (either a tournament finish or money), most players mark more often, take longer to read short putts, ask other players to move their mark, etc... That adds up quickly. I agree with you that when we are playing a $1/$1/$1 Nassau there is not a lot of excessive time wasted on putts; we miss them quickly and holing everything is not a time drain.  
    • maybe nothing https://twingolfer.com/callaway-hex-tour-soft-review/
    • Day 51 I decided to mix it up today after going to Golf Galaxy to try out some new irons. I struck the ball terribly but realized I was overswinging as I'm prone to do on a simulator. It got me to thinking about the LSW section about practicing at the edge of your competence. I realized that I had been practicing with very slow swings and not redefining where my edge of competence was. So today I filmed a series of swings starting with what felt like 50% then moved up a little faster and progressed to a series where I was swinging like I did on the simulator. I found that with each step up the speed ladder my swing slowly deteriorated but was still much improved over where I started even at full speed. My conclusion was that I need to start practicing at about 75%-80% in the garage if I'm going to get to the next level. Those swings we're good but seemed to be the point where more flaws started showing up on occasion. If I can't get it mastered at that speed I might need to go to 60% or so and then try back at 75-80%. In reality I would like the 75-80% to be my standard swing and not always feel like I'm going after it hard every time when I'm on the course (which is a tough habit to break for me)
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