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What Are Your 2016 Golf Goals? Official Thread


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8 hours ago, Buckeyebowman said:

I'm newly retired, so I'll have a lot more time to practice and play. My goal is to get my HCI back to single digits, and as low as possible. I also want to relearn how to hit the doggone ball first with my irons instead of the ground! I used to be able to do that in my late teens and early twenties, but life intervened and the ability floated away.

I also want to play in a tournament that the local newspaper hosts called the "Greatest Golfer in the Valley". They have a youth tournament with various age brackets, and another tournament for the adults with various age and handicap brackets. Plus you get to play some very spiffy local country clubs! Nice!

EDIT: And what are these "keys" that people above have been referring to? I'm new here. Is there an instructional page somewhere?

One of the great benefits of this site is people are willing to help you become a better golfer. First, we have the Member Swings section where you can post a video of your swings from driver to irons to short game shots. You will get advice on how to correct issues from top instructors and players on the site, and from other members who worked on the same issue. I encourage you to post there. We've all benefited from it.

Second, the Five Simple Keys are the common factors that all good golf swings have. It is not a swing method like Stack & Tilt or One-plane etc. It identifies the 5 factors that make up all good golf swings. The introduction is below. In the TST Instructional Content thread below that, there are videos that describe the keys and drills to work on them. There are also a bunch of other great threads on short game, etc. 

Lastly, the Swing Thoughts section has a lot of good information too. Lots of reading, but all of it is very helpful.



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My Swing Thread

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Thanks very much for the info, boogie! Like I said I'm new here and still learning to navigate the site and what content is available. I'm a member on a couple of other webforums, and everybody's format is just a little bit different. I'm liking it a lot here.

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Goals for 2016:

1) Multiple rounds under 100. (I only did this once last season)

2) Get my handicap index under 26.

3) Improve my average driver distance to 220 yds. I am going to try and measure this through Game Golf. For the rounds that I had GG in 2015 my avg. driver distance was 201.  My one round this year I averaged 212, so maybe I am headed in the right direction. :-D

To meet my goals I will probably take some lessons, re-read LSW, and start using the My Swing thread again(failed at this miserably last season).

Bill Z.

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Play less and enjoy it more.  It all got too intense and mechanical.  Dropped the club membership for this year and gonna remember that it's fun to play golf not a requirement.

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Played my first round today in 3 years.  Due to kids, life, etc . .I didn't manage to play any actual golf, but I still took a few lessons and practiced fairly regularly.  I made huge improvements in my swing over the last 3 years.  I got rid of my slice, my normal ball flight is a slight draw. I am not quite able to hit draws or fades on demand but I can curve it right or left on demand.  My driving distance went from around 160 (with a big slice) to around 220 (carry) and pretty straight.

After today's round, I decided that all I want to do in 2016 is get that swing going on the course.  When I played today . .I kind of *felt* like me from 3 years ago.  I even hit a big slice!  I shanked a bunch of shots.  Never really felt comfortable over anything.  I didn't let it bother me (after the second hole) . .I had a fun time and I was relaxed . . towards the end I hit some "ok" shots ...

I don't really pay attention to my shot height in practice because 90% of it is into a net.  When I do go to my local range, the tee area is up on a hill.  Anyway . .I noticed today my shots are going ridiculously high.  I hit a 50 degree wedge that flew about a hundred yards . .but looked like it went at least 150 yards high, lol.  It was overcast . .but we were like . .where the hell did it go?  and then PLOP, lol.

So . .obviously many things to think about . .for now I want to focus on playing more, getting comfortable on the course . .and getting some more of what I'm doing in my garage (and at the range and in my lessons) out onto the course.



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Play some tournaments in my club. Starting next month, when I get back from China, that is. So, maybe May so I can get 4 more "handicap" rounds in without rushing?

I only have 4 and a half more rounds to post before my "20 rounds" are complete for my handicap to become "official".

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"I'm hitting the woods just great, but I'm having a terrible time getting out of them." ~Harry Toscano

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At this point, just getting onto the course is my goal.  I played on the 11th of March and shot a 93, which I was pleased as punch with, since it was the first time I'd been on a course since last summer.


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Break 90. Break 90 consistently, I did this twice about a decade ago but then I just became a recreational golfer when people were in town. Now I have gotten myself back into the game and shot a 97 my first round in just over a year. I've seen some improvements in my ball striking the past 3 weeks so it gives me alot more confidence then I've ever had in the past.

 I've already played and practiced more this year through April 2nd then I have in the past 5 years combined. So if I can break 90 this spring, I know I'll have renewed interest in keeping the pressure on myself to continue to grind 

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Shave strokes off my game.

My putting last year was just over 2.12 putts per hole. Yesterday it was 1.89. If I can get my putts per hole down to 1.9 putts per hole I can save myself 3.6 strokes per round. It's only going to 34.2 putts per round. It shouldn't be that difficult. I'm enjoying my long putter on putts up to 24 feet. Over that I tend to leave things way short. Yet with my regular putter I was over shooting by about 6 feet regularly.

Hit no more club on the course than I'm able to get in the air with confidence. I'm talking about second shots. This means on par 5s taking a 6 iron or a 5 hybrid. Yes, I've adjusted up to that. My fairway woods suck, but a solid drive of 220 + 165 yds will leave me with PW to a LW shot for approaches to most par 5s I see. So why should I even waste time learning how to hit a fairway wood off the deck to use once per round? This will save me 1 to 2 duffed shots per round. At least I can keep my 6 iron in play. Approach shots with a 7 iron or shorter gets me at least a nGIR. Improve 50 - 75 yd shots to pick up 1 stroke per round. Practice chipping and pitching to gain another 1 strokes per round.

My driver is solid. I just need to hit it with more confidence on the course and I can rip it. Improve FIR to gain 1 stroke per round.

So basically my practice plan is to hit my 6 iron and get that straighter. Practice my driving. Then work on my short game and putting. 

Total strokes gained: 7.6 strokes per round.


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My goal right now is just to get back on the course! It is 16 degrees this morning in Michigan and my home course is covered in snow so even when it warms up next week its still going to be soggy for another week or so. I'm yet to play on a dry course this year its really frustrating. I've still been playing a lot I just generally go home soaking wet and covered in mud lol realistically though my goals are to get to single digits this year I'd say right now unofficially I'm around a 15-18 in my second year playing if I get to play as much as I'm intending to I think it will be hard but doable. I'd also like to shoot under par on the front 9 at my home course its fairly easy 9 and I've shot 3 over on it this year already I think that should be doable at least once. Scratch by 2020!

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Played my second round in 3 years today . . after my first one last week, I was rather discouraged and made it my goal for 2016 just to see some semblance of the swing improvements I've made over my 3 year hiatus on the course. 

Today, I went to a different course, played the front 9 and without really thinking about it shot an easy 41.  I didn't hit any great shots but I didn't hit any real bad ones, either.  I made 6 bogeys and 3 pars.  Very happy with that.  No amazing lucky chips or long putts, only hit 2 GIR . .but I did get a few lucky breaks off the tee. 

I need to get a better feel for my distances, for sure.  I also need to relax even more because I'm still not really feeling it on the course . .I feel kind of constrained, not really fluid, etc.  But at least I put the club on the ball today!

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4 minutes ago, WolFpackJD said:

My first post!

My main 2016 goal is to break 80. It seems that every time I start playing often, I can break 85 consistently but just can't get into the 70s.

Welcome to The Sand Trap!


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My Swing Thread

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Note: This thread is 2088 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Except that they've already had two events (Portland, Trump's course), and will have at least one more in Boston… and are having like ten next year in the U.S. Plus, there are multiple other Tours in the U.S., they're just not as big as the PGA Tour. Once again… is there anywhere else in North America to play "meaningful" hockey besides the NHL/AHL? How about "meaningful" basketball besides the NBA or it's developmental league? "Meaningful" football outside of the NFL? How about baseball? Your points are bad because your grasp of the facts and logic is bad. It's an "investment" fund, though, so I would argue that they expect it to be profitable at some point. They don't just spend money from it, they're actively trying to "invest" it to get a return. I don't believe the "they don't expect to make a profit" angle. Not in the short term, but if it's just going to be a money hole they may just pull the plug at some point in a few years.
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    • There are more qualified people who have already responded in this thread about overall practice, but I think you should prioritize practicing the driver if you have a short warm-up before a round. Like if you hit 15-20 balls (as I often do), I prioritize the driver because it's going to give me the best prediction of my ball flight that particular day. As far as overall practice goes, I'll defer to other answers.
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