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Happy Birthday Thread!


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21 minutes ago, iacas said:

Seconded! @cipher and I talked about you a bit on the way down and back from NC.

Yep, happy birthday @Jakester23!  I will only mention it here instead of sending you a text.  That way, maybe we can bring you out of the woodwork a bit.  :-P

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On 10/30/2017 at 10:51 AM, RandallT said:

Happy Birthday, @BamaWade ! Hope all goes well with your game down there. I know you have brutal summers, but hopefully the winters aren't too bad where you are. 

Some other birthdays today, but they all add up to a total of 1 post between them, so I don't really recognize them.

Thanks!  Spent this one on the road for work in Worcester, MA.  Otherwise I would've been out playing on it.  Winters are mostly playable here.  The average day in the worst part is a high ~40-45F (ish).  Certainly no courses close for the season.  Just makes me a weekender since the daylight is short during the work week.

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1 minute ago, Club Rat said:

HBD @Golfing Dad 

HBD @Patch

Wrong one, @Club Rat. It's @Golfingdad's birthday. Barney is 44 today.

Also happy birthday to @NJpatbee!

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    • I have only once walked off the course because I was playing badly, and I’m ashamed of it. I’ve shared the story before, but it suits this topic well so I’ll share it again: Two summers ago, I was playing a round about a week before a tournament I played in at Pinehurst No. 7. I got to the short par-5 ninth needing only a par to make the turn under 50. Well, I bogeyed for a 50, and I walked to the tenth tee hot, tired and frustrated at my game because nothing was going well, and I was on the brink of completely losing it. I remember the moment like it was yesterday: two practice swings with the driver, then a hard slice OB. I walked to the bench adjacent to the tenth tee and tried hard to regain my composure, but it was too much. I put my clubs in my trunk and left. I’m not usually the person who will quit mid-round because of poor play, but that was just too much for me to handle. I’ve since learned from that day. I’ve gotten better at staying with it after a rough start and I believe that’s strengthened my game. 
    • Day 362: Range work today. Started with long arc drills with 8 and 6 iron and driver. Moved on to my distance wedge drill. Then worked on setup and alignment to various targets at the range. I have to really focus on these because I tend to drop my back foot off line and twist my body up when there are things like mats or ropes that are close and in my vision. I see the rope and for some reason (maybe OCD) I align with the rope. I have to really block out everything but my club head, ball and start line, then setup to that. I’m going to keep working on that as well.
    • Something retractable is very interesting. Do you think it would be better to hit into a retractable net and display it on the tv as a monitor or invest in a hitting bay with a screen and just project it there?  Area C can be taken up by a permanent setup with no issue. Mevo+ is really the direction I am thinking. My son is left handed so it would be much better than spinning a Skytrak constantly.
    • Ideally, you would want 10+ feet from your hitting area to a net so devices like MEVO have enough room to read. Height is a factor too if you want to hit wedges. You could mount the TV on a side wall in area C to use as a monitor. If I read the OP correctly, C would be 24 deep and 16 feet wide with a 12ft height at the back. The net should be of the wall by a bit, let’s say a foot, so that leaves 11ft in area C for the set up.  You could hang a net in the center line that is retractable, so the space can be opened up. You also would want a net in the ceiling and something on the floor so balls don’t bounce all over the place. The right wall may also want some protection from shanks down towards the end wall. All this would be perfect for something like a MEVO+ set up, which has simulations too. I’m jealous! I hit outside in the winter and freeze my tail off!
    • If by "bad" round you mean "slow" round, then yes. I've never walked off because of my play. I quit once because I got sick mid round.
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