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Happy Birthday Thread!


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1 hour ago, RandallT said:

Happy Birthday, V!!! ( @GolfLug ) Lemme guess, more winter golf for you today?

Also, happy b'day to @golferbabu, @bogiegolfer@Jotay1944 (74th!)


Thank you @RandallT!

Oh, I wish there was golf today. Instead slugging it out on the work desk. Not sure who invented this concept - 'work' but they must not like people.:-D

Hopefully will get some in on Saturday though!

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On 1/22/2018 at 8:27 AM, Club Rat said:

Happy B-Day @Fairway_CY

Your right in the range to shoot your age (39) for nine holes. :beer:

Thank you, sir!  I hope to do that a few times this season, at least!  I believe I had a 38 for nine holes once last season.  


On 1/22/2018 at 9:56 AM, iacas said:

Happy birthday, @Fairway_CY. Gonna practice today? ;-)

Thank you as well, sir!  

I did do some putting drills in my house after work that day (focused solely on putter path and starting the ball on my line).  Seemed to pay off a bit on the course this morning.  Still... temporarily patch one thing and another falls apart on me.  Back at it tomorrow on the range and short-game areas!


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    • I'm sort of glad to see that Pete Dye's Karsten ASU course closed.  I only played it once, but it did not feel safe.  Too much of a course on too small of a piece of land.  Mounding at the edge of the rough between every hole, so you couldn't even see where other golfers were to warn them or yourself of an errant shot.
    • Day 333: Range session today, which I filmed and sent into Evolvr.
    • Good luck today Phil.
    • September 23 Some swings from today’s range session. The first is normal speed. I’m trying to get my backswing to be slower. It’s a bit fast here. In slow motion, it looks pretty good but I am pulling a bit from the start line I wanted, which is the pole just in front of my head. My miss lately has been the over draw again. The face on is from the end of the session. It was really humid, hence the gloves. This one looks off to me. Not enough secondary axis tilt, I don’t extend enough at A8 to A9 and my head doesn’t follow the ball enough. I’m going to keep plugging away at this.
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