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Happy Birthday Thread!


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9 hours ago, coachjimsc said:

Happy 40th @Wanzo!

Let the aches and pains begin. ;-)

Yeah I feel old but ready to get after it and ready for that savvy veteran thing to kick in any day.  

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    • I started playing with a hand me down set of clubs, I had a Bullseye putter and an older Taylormade with a frayed grip. Both had been fit for the gentleman who gave them to me who was 5'9 while I am 6'3. I struggled really badly with them, even while doing some putting practice. I went to 2nd Swing golf ,a used club store ,and they had an area where you could try out hundreds of putters. Not wanting to spend much I tried a few less expensive ones , I had good results there with a Ping Anser 3 bronze putter and bought it for $45 or so. It made a big difference right away over what I was using.  I am a wrist putter so a blade style putter works better for me. You might want to read up or watch some videos to see who your putting style looks like to see if a mallet or blade is a better choice for you.  
    • You are plenty smart enough. You made a nice contribution to the topic. 
    • But most trades do not require a college degree. That goes back to the bifurcation between college prep and trade skill training.
    • Depending on course length...driver, 5, 7, pw and putter. I am just more comfortable hitting these clubs in a variety of ball flights and distances.
    • This x1000. To appear (I know that it is just an appearance) completely hopped up and out of it a couple of days before the incident is a huge reason why the questions are there, and IMO rightfully so. There is history there. He's recovering from surgery, so the access is almost certainly there. And we have video of what could be seen as him high as a kite shortly before, though not so shortly that any intoxication from the TV appearance would have worn off had it existed. Until I personally see toxicological reports dated and sign from that date, I will believe he was intoxicated. Some (most here) may call this unreasonable, but I would argue it is unreasonable for him to be going that speed and crash, then have no citation from the cops, even more unreasonable. I voted 1 as far as Tiger saying anything himself is concerned, but I think it is a terrible look, and close to a silent admission at this point given his history, the previous TV appearance, and the circumstances of the crash.
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