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    • A friend of ours, son, just came out of an induced coma. 9 weeks. He contracted Covid before he had a chance to get vaccinated. Bad timing for him. 49 years old , A third degree practicing black belt (Kyokashin 1)and one of the fittest men I know. He is sitting up and breathing on his own. Long term effects to him. Unknown. Long term effects of the covid vaccine. Unknown. I took my chances on a double Pfizer. I was trying to cut down on the possibility of a covid coma.  
    • I sip an Italian Sports Drink out of a metal container while playing.  No sips if I make a bogey.  One sip if I make a par.  2 sips for a birdie.  Had an eagle yesterday... 3 sips.  Heaven forbid I have a hole in one!
    • In around '71, a friend of mine gave me $50 to write his algebra exam at Uni.  Of course I forgot all about that, until he stopped by to remind me. I was in the building where we were writing and had just finished one of my own. and then had dropped some acid. Didn't blink an eye. Just went on in and proceeded to pass that exam for him. But to take a drink while golfing and possibly screw up my game, not a chance.
    • Today I left home at 3:30 drove 20 minutes each way to the course, paid, putted for a few minutes while someone else finished the first hole (par 3), played 9 holes with a little bit of waiting on the 2nd and 8th holes and made it home by 6:00.  That was a decent pace of play day. And even then I worried that the single bend us was going to catch us and think we were playing too slow. I think he skipped the last 2 holes because I never saw him tee off on #8 while we teed off on #9.
    • When I was much younger golf was something to do when we were drinking.  Now that I am a little more mature I almost never drink when I golf. Probably because I play with my son more than anyone else. My son was our designated driver after a recent day trip with a couple friends.  Even then we didn't drink until the 19th hole.  Tomorrow we are playing in a charity scramble, so there is a chance I will have a couple beers during that round.
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