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Happy Birthday Thread!

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On 3/19/2016 at 11:28 AM, iacas said:

Happy birthday @mvmac! 33 eh?

Also I think we just missed @Crazycanuck44's birthday. I meant to say something and then stuff happened. Happy belated!

Thanks I was in Phoenix at the time instead of cold mid Canada.. 



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Ton of birthdays today!

Happy 33rd to @rick eyre. Happy 56th to both @Bogeystobirdies and @Sxooter. @Rakk3187 turns 31. And @mslice15, @zmichael11, and @PJ Lowrey have birthdays today as well!

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2 hours ago, iacas said:

Happy birthday today to @chewyshaun and long-time member and part-time golfer @JetFan1983!!!

LOL, thanks, Erik!!!! :banana:


And since I'm 33 years old... this clip seems appropriate.

"It's a sweater!"



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1 hour ago, saevel25 said:

Happy Birthday Constantine! 

Haha, thanks, Matt! :beer:

Big 'ol 3-3. Kinda sad I can be tried as an adult now, but oh well. Guess we all have to grow up eventually :-P

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    • Played yesterday and today.  Didn't go so well yesterday as I shot a 106 yesterday as my driver was just all over the place and my ball striking overall left a lot to be desired.  Had 4 GIRs, however, 3 were on the front which was a general theme as shot 49 on the front and 57 on the back. Score: 106 CR/Slope: 71.6/121 2 Pars 5 Bogeys 3 DB 6 TB 1 Quad-Bogey View this round on GAME GOLF   Today I was able to bounce back and although I shot 100, I had control over my driver, was moving the ball right to left or straight off the tee and my ball striking felt better.  2 holes ended up doing me in, though.  After starting with 3 bogeys, which really should have included 1 par, and a double bogey, on the par 3 4th hole, I pushed a 7I right  and subsequently overdrew the ball on my reload and missed short and right on a brutal front right location location on a green that slopped severely from back right to front left.  Over-hit my chip shot that went all the way to the back right of the green, had to chip on and then 3 putt for an 8.  On the Par 4 14th hole, I overdrew 2 tee shots with my 3H OB.  Then chipped out, leaving myself 100 yards, took a three-quarter swing with a 52 degree wedge and left it short right.  Flag was on the front right and I thinned my chip shot, leaving it on the back left of the green.  I then 3 putt for a 10.  That said, drained a few longish putts, but my short game, putter notwithstanding, was brutal as I failed to leave myself any gimmies when chipping.  That said, had another birdie and a few pars so there are definitely positives to take away from the round. Score: 100 CR/Slope: 70.4/124 Birdie: 1 Pars: 3 Bogeys: 6 DB: 6 Others: 2 View this round on GAME GOLF 4 rounds in four days - first time I've been able to do that and it was AWESOME!  Shot 95, 95, 106, 100 so, not too shabby for me. 
    • thank you...already loaded up on TM clubs :/...that being said, I've been working on my tee shot and was wondering how much range time is too much?  have had my M2 driver for about 5 days...have hit about 250ish balls with it already...too much?
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