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Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf Member Review Discussion Thread

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Product Name: "The Navigator" by Dirty Larry Golf
Product Type: Putting Training Aid
Product Website: https://www.dirtylarrygolf.com/buy-best-putting-aids/
Cost: $50 to 60
Reviewers: @bmartin461, @Club Rat, @TN94z, myself

This discussion thread is for Members to share their unboxing, initial and ongoing impressions, and to answer questions by others for "The Navigator," a putting training aid by Dirty Larry Golf.

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Some quick photos (better ones coming before I get to it) from the unboxing. When everyone else receives theirs, you'll also see some better photos.

Some initial thoughts:

  1. I like good packaging, but I don't like feeling like I've paid a lot for nice packaging. This product costs anywhere between about $35 and $60 depending on how many you buy at once. I definitely feel that customers are paying for some of the packaging. I'd have preferred a small pouch to store this in my bag over the double layer of boxes.
  2. The rubber grips the putter shaft quite nicely, to prevent rotation, but the Navigator pops on and off easily as well. That's good. Some other similar aids can rotate a little more easily than I'd like.
  3. The aluminum tubes screw together in the middle of the Navigator, and so, you can reverse them if you'd like. The length is just about perfect - long enough to point pretty clearly without being so long it's awkward and you're hitting it into your leg or flagsticks.
  4. The weight is negligible.
  5. The adjustment arm is nice.
  6. I appreciate that the adjustment arm and main piece are black, so as not to distract from the alignment rod.








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Received the Dirty Larry - Navigator today. What a catching name for a product.....:whistle:

Even the package is unique with beautiful artwork, a pricey engraved - jewelry styled container. When I was opening it, I felt like there could possibly be rods, studded with diamond points.....  First thing you notice is the pride Larry has the USA, with R,W and B confetti and a logo "Made in America - Home of Dirty Larry"  I hope to met this guy Dirty Larry, I already like his style. Next beware, you'll see Skull and Crossed Bones indicating DANGER  and a Crucial message one must not ignore........

The Navigator, looks like a precision instrument with adjustable length, angle and two rods which a user may choose how to configure to their likeness. Either by placing the long rod to the front or rear and vise-versa with the shorter rod.

With the tilting lever, a user can position the points rods in any manner they deem. I like this feature, I'm able to have the pointing rods directly over the ball in a closer proximity for alignment.


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I received my Dirty Larry - Navigator today as well. I was pretty impressed with the packaging. Although, I do believe the cost could have been a little less with a different packaging system. I agree that it is very obvious that it is American made and there is a lot of pride in that fact.




The Navigator included a nice set of instructions that tell you everything you need to know.569433fa1200a_DirtyLarryInstructions.jpe

It installed very easily and using the box for setting it up really helped. I think that was a nice idea and I'm sure is the reson for the box in the box. He doesn't want the main box getting destroyed in shipping and lose the alignment capability.569433f683748_DirtyLarryInstalled.JPG.f3

I look forward to getting this out to the course and trying it out! Disregard that putter shaft. I have had it for years and it stays in the garage...

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I, too, received the Dirty Larry Navigator yesterday and was similarly impressed by the packaging.  I'm one who appreciates quality packaging as it tends to mean there is a quality product behind it.  I'm also one who believes in paying for quality vs. quantity. 

I took similar pictures to those already provided, again, it looks to be a well thought out product but I have not had a chance to roll any balls yet.

I do wonder what my wife thought when she got the mail today....56950fd0b533e_IMG_3872(Small).JPG.ee7d08

Here is how it's packaged once you get through the outer layers of USA pride!


I do like the nice instructions that come with it, stands out when compared to what comes with the Train Your Aim device. 


More to come later....


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Been practicing indoors daily since receiving the Navigator. Was able to play golf yesterday and had a slight transition period putting without the Navigator visual aid. I probably should practice putting a few minutes both with and then without before playing. Winter conditions didn't really help matters, goose turds, ball marks, very wet greens and playing a course that had severe undulating greens. But, I feel like on several occasions, I did benefit from practicing with the Navigator. On one three footer I made, I imagined the pointer at the center of the hole in my subconscious before the putt. I still feel using the Navigator on a regular basis will definitely improve my game.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Trying a new app, SloPro gives a good perception of my putting stroke and with the laser, it's even better to see the ball roll online or off.

I'll be utilizing the combination of them in my discussions of the benefits using the Navigator.

Using the laser, the beam is great as it shows multiple points on the Nava and putter at address. It also aids to review my stroke in slow-mo as it shows the flaws I will address and practice to make corrections.

Later next week, I'll try to make a video on the practice green.



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  • 2 weeks later...

I tried practicing outdoors over the weekend, but with winter greens, they presently are too bumpy for any realistic results.

Been working on another indoor video to submit. I've been gathering notes and thoughts for my review which I should complete next week.

I will comment again that I like practicing with the Navigator. I also like the use of a laser which has helped with observing the path of the ball roll to the target. 

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Note: This thread is 2007 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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