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    • KC to FL, then Springfield, MO to FL, twice a year for more than 20 years. Our key was to time it so we did not go through Atlanta at rush our, so our overnight going down was one of the first exits after Atlanta.  Coming back, same thing going the other way. Then, Atlanta got so bad that we don't ever go that way any more. Also 30 years ago I got a call on a Saturday morning that I needed to deliver a vehicle to Miami at 7:00 Monday morning.  Sure thing, I told them, easey  peasey. Not!
    • That's not true. I don't give absolute weight to "18 > 14" or 15 but it's a "valid argument." Just not one that sways me. There is, both theoretical and actually practical. At the same time, the odds of a strapping 25-year-old from Siberia becoming a world class golfer are also lower than from, say, Florida, so the practical is much lower than the theoretical. Yes. @klineka quoted an old post I made, and I was reminded of things like 49 players in Q-School and stuff like that. Stuff I'd looked up once but have long since forgotten since nobody's made a compelling (to me) argument in favor of Jack since.
    • Yup . . . "Too many golf courses completing for golfers." A general answer to some of the replies, to try to explain why we run our business the way we do . . . we are in a small regional tourist area that has become a hotbed of excellent golf courses.  Three of Golfweek's Top Ten in the State are here.  It is highly competitive between us and 6 other courses, and, frankly, the market is not big enough to keep all of them busy. "Running people off" would not be in our best interest.  We have as a last resort, but it's not high on our list.  "Running people off" would likely get us the reputation of "running people off." As I have said a few times, I prefer us being out there on the course, being encouraging, supportive, and diplomatic, and, when that does not work, to offer the victims of slow play a chance to come back and experience our #1 course under better conditions, at a discount. Turning Lemons into Lemonade. But, understanding my role, it's not my call, and will be what will be.
    • Unless you have figured out something that I haven't, which is certainly possible, there's no way to move a shot from one hole to another, without deleting it and adding a new one.  Getting it in the right spot is a bit iffy at that point.  I've had cases where it puts an entire hole one the next hole, and skips a hole entirely.  I have not seen any means to even add the missing hole, the round will claim to have 17 holes.  As I mentioned, it never did this before that update (that was in preparation for PRO, I believe).  It doesn't always happen, even on the same holes, it doesn't happen on all rounds on the same course.  It's a puzzler.  The part that disturbs me the most is that even a tiny amount of software intelligence would eliminated it most of the time.  If the previous shot was a putt on a green, and the next shot some other club from thirty yards off the green, it's probably a new hole.  If not, that mistake would be way easier to understand. It happens to me when I've tagged every shot.  I live with the results, and usually don't bother trying to edit it out.  If I want to see, I can see where the shots were taken, and I know the total.  It is frustrating when it shows my drive going back to the previous green, though. I could see that, but it doesn't seem to me what is happening in my case.  As something of a engineer geek, it just seems sloppy.
    • This is a completely separate discussion, but I'm not a big fan of South Carolina mustard-based BBQ sauce.  I'd suggest stopping in NC for some vinegar-based sauce on smoky pork BBQ. As for the drive, I routinely go from Northern Virginia as far as Rocky Mount in NC, and we see the wotrst backups consistently between Fredericksburg VA and Washington DC.  If you can avoid being southbound in the after-lunch hours, or northbound on Sunday afternoon, you'll usually avoid the worst of it.
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