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    • Do it much slower. Keep working at it slowly. It will help in the long run.
    • I could understand if he was seeing if there was any loose impediments. It wasn't even close to where the ball was at. I am not sure that a caddie can do this.  So, yea... No way the caddie had any good explanation for his actions.   
    • One of the announcers was saying that the rule does allow some old for intent, but it sounded like at one point the caddy said something about trying to figure out if it was a rock, or rock hard, or something. I think it's pretty clear what happened is that the bunkers look like they had some hard packed area, and he was touching them to see how firm they were. Then tried to spin up some lie about it, even though his own lie indicated that he was testing the sand for information. 
    • I started playing golf in college sometime around 1996-1997 when I was around 19. My roommate was an excellent golfer, and convinced me to try it. That, and Tiger Woods explosion into professional golf at the same time was all it took to get me hooked. I never took lessons and I wasn’t good, but I loved the game and I played regularly up until around age 30, when I kind of transitioned into a different part of life; more demanding work, got married, bought a house, kids, etc. I still played every couple months with friends, work events, etc., but my clubs mostly collected dust in the garage. During my away time, I played a ton of indoor soccer and pickup basketball and after aggravating my old football injured knee several times, with several months recovery each time, I gave up high impact sports and started golfing again around age 40. I found that getting back into golf was easier than when I first started. However, I had no bar set from any previous success so I was basically starting from scratch. There was tons of golf content on the internet (lots of pitfalls there though), and golf equipment tech had improved a bunch and I could afford to buy my own shit. I was happy to be outdoors, getting exercise, and having fun playing a great game. After a couple years of hacking around I decided golf was going to be my game. I made a commitment to golf as a pastime, started taking lessons, and I’ve steadily improved since then. 
    • Shot a 94 at Quicksilver. This course is used for Senior PGA events and was used for Web.com events. Instead of the “bump the left knee” feel to start the downswing, I started coming up with a feel that had some direction to it in terms of how the knee worked. To put words to the feel, I’d say “drive the knee forward and down at a 45 degree angle”. I actually started puring some irons. I really really liked this feel. Helps with the weight shift and working down to the ball a bit more. I could feel my low point shift an inch or two forward AND down which made all the difference. The greens were like glass.
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