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    • FFS @saevel25 what do you want? It’s like you’re wanting a NYY fan to adore and relish how good the Red Sox are. Ok...let’s say this: OSU is the most powerful NCAA team to date. They should cancel the NC and just give it to OSU. OSU is undefeated this year, so is LSU. I’m a fan of SEC and Big12 because I was born/grew up in those conferences. I’ve never liked OSU and I don’t care what your volumes of stats say and apparently neither does the committee as LSU is ranked number one. There’s nothing left but what we’ll see in the games.  I don’t get how you agreed LSU to be ranked above OSU then go and argue how much better they are.
    • As long as he can square the club face at impact and he gets enough height with the driver, the stiffer shaft will not be an issue. A more flexible shaft allows the head to close and add loft easier, while the stiffer shaft requires the player to do those things. Assuming everything else is equal with the shaft specs, going stiffer will not hurt him.
    • How much history do you want to go back. The last time OSU faced an SEC team was in 2014! Guess what happened,  I just want to make sure,  You want to take credence in the fact that OSU did struggle against SEC teams in the 1990's and 2000's. I admit going 0-7 is not good during that time frame. Yet, you don't want to consider they are 2-1 in the 2010's. I mean, come on man, coaches change, AD's change, they recruit differently now.  The 2016 OSU team wasn't as solid as this team was. Also, OSU had some major deficiencies in 2016. Their passing game was regressing and they were one dimensional. The only reason they had a good season is because that defense was STACKED with NFL talent.  Not buying it. Before Urban showed up, I agree. The top SEC teams had better talent than OSU. After Urban that changed. The issue with Urban was, he was a great big game coach. He wanted his teams to be underdogs. He never won a NC with an undefeated team. That is why his teams after that 2014 NC team struggled in strange spots that Alabama didn't struggle in. OSU would drop that one game a year that they really shouldn't. Still, Urban's record versus top 10 teams is seriously impressive at OSU. I rather take stock in that than what OSU did pre-2014.   
    • I’ve moved this to the Member Swings section. Please give us some more information as discussed in the thread below. And check out the rest of the site. We love to talk all about golf too.       
    • What did you use to measure the speed, a LM?  If so which one?  GC2 guesses at clubhead speed if not paired with HMT.  Quad also guess unless the club is dotted.   Just look at ballspeed.  It is directly measured by all good LMs.  The higher you can get your ball speed, the better.  Just don't pull the ball to "fake it."
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