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TST Member Review - Tee Claw

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Product Name: Tee Claw
Product Type: Mat Teeing Accessory and Alignment Aid
Product Website/URL: http://teeclaw.com/
Cost: $14.95

Ratings (out of 5):
Quality: 4/5 
Value: 5/5
Effectiveness: 5/5 
Durability: 3/5
Esthetic Appeal: 4/5 

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My Member Review

The concept behind the Tee Claw is to provide a better experience hitting off a synthetic grass surface/mat. This product is to replace the typical rubber tee. In addition to allowing the golfer to use their own tees it allows the golfer to use this product as an alignment and swing path training aid. 

Packaging & Contents
The package comes in a 3"x5" black box that shows you the three Tee Claws you are getting. Inside also comes with three tees of various heights and 3 elastic lanyard lines. From an aesthetic point of view it's very simple. You can clearly see what you are getting. The back does a good job showing what you are buying and that you use it on synthetic golfing mats.


The one thing missing is an instruction booklet. Given it is pretty simple to figure how to use the product. They do provide a QR code on the back that you can scan with your smartphone to view a how-to video. On their website they do provide a pdf on how to set up the Tee Claw. Also, importantly they show you a warning on not to push the tee through tee claw too hard or you will puncture the rubber back of the Tee Claw. My only concern is, what if someone is intuitive enough to set up the Tee Claw, but then they do not get that warning. It would be nice to have that included in the box.  


The Tee Claw is meant for you to use your own tees on a synthetic grass mat. The Tee Claw does work well for this. The Tee Claw does hold securely to the mat. The elastic lanyards do keep the Tee Claw from flying down range if it happens to detach. The Tee Claw does hold upright a tee that can be used to hit a ball off of. 

I do have an issue that is not directly addressed on their website or on the box. They do not tell you to use a shorter tee. The tallest tee they provide is only 2 inches long. The tees typically used by golfers are 2-3/4 to 3-1/4 inches long. A golfer would need to buy new shorter tees or cut the tees they have, such that it allows them to tee the ball up how they normally would on the course. I think it would be disappointing to buy this product and then not be able to use it because of not having the right tees to go with it.  


A really cool aspect of this product is its use as an alignment and swing path aid. What you can do is connect both ends of the lanyards to two Tee Claws and then align the string how you want it. The good thing about this is you can stand right up to the string and not have to worry about knocking it out of alignment like an alignment stick.


You can get a bit fancy and make a T alignment with the lanyards as well to help with ball position. You basically slide the lanyard through the eyelet of another lanyard. You just gotta make sure you do not pull the perpendicular line tight or it will turn your T into a Y. 

Here is an example of a alignment and target line set up. You can attach ends of two lanyards to one Tee Claw. If you do not want the target line shown you can just use the one lanyard set up. 


A cool thing is you do not even have to be at the range to practice your swing path. The Tee Claw's latch onto your carpet pretty well. Husband's ask your wife's first before doing this, just to save you a bit of headache later on. You can do slow motion swings to feel the club more inside your hands just before impact. I am doing this with one hand so I can take the picture. You can see how the visual help you exaggerate the feel you want. If you have white carpet at home then Tee Claw sells a green and yellow colored lanyard lines (25) for $3.95. 


I've used these a few times. I've scrapped the top of the Tee Claw on a full driver swing and it did nothing to the Tee Claw's itself but it did detach it from the mat. On the box they do show you can put the ball right on top of the Tee Claw, maybe for irons? I am kinda weary about doing this. I swing pretty hard and I have a feeling that the iron will win this head on battle. For me, I would stick to just hitting drivers. I just feel comfortable in not damaging the Tee Claw since the driver.

I find this product does what it sets out to do. It allow you to use your own tees on a synthetic mat. Though, you do have to go buy shorter tees or modify your existing tees. It does allow you to create an alignment and swing path aid using the lanyard and two or more Tee Claw's.

For me, I would buy it just to use it as an alignment and swing path aid. Alignment rods can cost you anywhere from $5 to $20 dollars. You can only use them for alignment. You could use the alignment sticks for indoor swing path training since you would not be hitting a golf ball. At the range the Tee Claw allows you to set up a swing path training aid and you can hit balls off of it. 

The Tee Claw costs $14.95 and I would say this product is worth the price just to use as a more efficient and effective alignment and swing path training aid. The fact you can hit balls off it is just a bonus. 



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Thanks for the great review.  Love seeing how you set up the Tee Claw on the carpet.  You make a great point as in not teeing off from the Top of the Tee Claw.  When it was first designed we thought it would be a great idea.  But we don't recommend it.  Also you mention the Tee Claw coming loose from mats.  There are a lot of different mats out there and some are very rough.  The lanyard was introduced originally to keep the Tee Claw from flying down range if coming loose from the mat.  But as you stated it can be used for a lot more.  Thanks again for the great review and feedback.  We are having a sale on the Tee Claws for $10.95 down from our $14.95 price.

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Note: This thread is 1740 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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