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Right Flank Pain?

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On 3/21/2016 at 6:22 PM, Dave2512 said:

Felt something pop golfing 1/27/16. Ended up a storm blew us off the course one hole after the pop so I didn't think much about it. We had snow on the ground well into Feb so I didn't play again for a few weeks. Next time out by the 3rd hole every swing felt like getting punched in the kidneys. Couple times it was enough it had me gasping for air.

I made an appt. and the MD prescribed rest. Couple weeks pass I feel fine no pain, stretching and taking practice swings on the mat and all seems good. I get to the course and again within a few holes knee buckling pain in the kidney area. Go back to the MD he rules out intercostal strain due to the area of the pain yet finds no source.

I rest a couple weeks, hit a few balls here and there and feel good. Get to the course yesterday and bam pain returns. I've Googled it can't find much on golf related flank injury. Only golf aggravates it every other movement is fine all my daily exercise is fine. I do resistance band and free weight moves with twisting and nothing causes pain.

So you had a likely muscle strain and you simply rested it for a few weeks and got back to playing? That could just be the problem.

Muscle strains might not heal very well if you simply do nothing. Theres scar tissue build up and the are around the strain stiffens up. During recovery starting a few days after injury you need to start with light activity and light stretching to make sure you retain mobility.  Keeping this up daily until the injury has healed. Sadly most gps dont seem to mention this.

Obviously can't rule out spinal injuries completely over the internet but what you described is consistent with a muscle related injury.

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Wow Dave. Very sorry to hear. I hope they find the issue. It very well may be that you need to take more than a month off (intercostal that's what I was trying to remember) much like one would have too with an intercostal tear or pull. Better to be out six weeks than the whole year. Hope they get you figured out and fixed up. 

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I'd get the testing done, and a sports massage therapist, who is experienced, can often help. I regularly go to a former NHL massage therapist once per month to reduce stress and injuries, and he finds pain I never knew existed ... "a little tight here..." 

"no s$&t, where did that come from?"

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It's gone. Just as weird as golf only symptoms it disappeared.  Played yesterday pain free and was able to swing freely. Glad because my doctor was as confused as I was. 

Very strange how severe it was golfing but nothing else was affected. Since it started I was able to continue martial arts, running, daily calisthenics you name it. Only golf hurt and poof it's gone.  Hope it stays gone. Put me way behind schedule with prepping for the season. 

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I have had the same exact experience. Started with God, one swing a pop right flank area adjacent to the T 11 and T 12 rib. The 11th and 12th we have our floating ribs and I think can be damaged Been to a couple of different orthopedic person I actually have a T town do you live in herniation but the doctors don’t think that it’s better not to because in me the pain. I recently had acupuncture, know how it has been going on for two years. Went to a chiropractor one time about 18 months ago I think he made it worse. I can feel the pain when twisting as if I’m hitting a ball and pushing with my right hand on my right lower flank. Can feel it in the river areas Very painful and I agree I need to find a way to play call my need to fix it. If anybody has any suggestions I am open. Have a head MRI CT scan nuclear bone scans etc. The one thing I haven’t had is a good x-ray of my T10 excuse me 11th and 12th ribs. Not sure why noNot sure why no one has suggested it but I’m going back to the doctor tomorrow and insist that I get x-rays of those ribs.

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Dave, did you ever find out what the issue was? Im dealing with same exact thing right now. Only pain when i golf and ive taken weeks off and it comes right back after first tee off.

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