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Putter Grip... What should i do

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Hey guys my ball striking has been pretty good lately but my putting has been lacking. I feel my putts aren't going straight,have good speed, or have control over them. I use a single overlapping grip and I was using that for everything do you think I should maybe switch it up and do a baseball grip? Or a left hand low grip to maybe get more control? Thanks

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My guess is that if your putting is as bad as you say, with both line and speed being unreliable, a simple grip change is unlikely to help much.  A putter fitting might help, so that the putter sits flat on the ground, and is aimed where you think its aimed.  Many players here swear by the Edel putter fitting.  Seeing an instructor may help you diagnose something simple that you're doing wrong.  It may be a simple matter of good focused practice, but you usually need to know WHAT to practice before that works.

Here's a good thread, guidelines as to what makes a good putter:


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My putting has never been anything to write home about.  The pro shop where I play got a Putting Stick a couple months back.  It has a mirror that shows you how far inside or outside of the ball your eyes are aligned.  I found out that I normally line up with my eyes an inch or so outside the ball (bad).  So I've been working a few minutes or so several times per week to get comfortable aligning my eyes over the ball, or slightly inside.  

I also had my putter retooled to better accommodate my height, 6'3".  Just got it back yesterday.  I had it bent upright a couple of degrees.  Also had it regripped with an oversized Winn grip, and a 2" plug to make it a bit longer.  I'm hoping these changes, and better alignment over the ball, will help my putting out.  Time will tell.   

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I just switched this season to a cross handed grip (right hand low for me). I found that it really helps keep the ball on line for me and allows me to level my shoulders at address. My biggest problem with putting was that I would drop my back shoulder (similar to a longer iron shot) and end pushing or pulling a lot of putts from the getgo.

Crosshand is weird to get used to at first, but I have been just heading to the practice green for an hour or so every other day to get the grip locked down into muscle memory. Tiger once say that if he had to learn golf all over again, he would putt crosshanded.

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I used single reverse overlap for my shorter putts  For longer putts I tend to feel more confident arching my right wrist and double interlocking 

I don't think really matter as long as you feel comfortable and confident 

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Note: This thread is 1915 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Slow play is not keeping up with the group in front, unless its a group of really fast players.   The question is how to remedy it.  I play with guys who shoot high 70’s low 80’s whose pre-shot routines are intermidable.  In addition they are elderly and just move slow.  So as the young-un in the group I rush, especially on the green.  They play from the correct tees, it just takes them forever to go thru their routine.   Yesterday I played as a single.  Arrived at the course at 3 and was told to be off before 5 due to league play. I finished in 92 mins and played thru two other groups.  My goal is to not 3 putt and no 7’s on the card.  Shot 85. High scores does not automatically mean slow play.  
    • Day 63, July 27, 2021: Three-quarter swing work again today, hey I may lose a little bit of distance, but I know where the ball is going. Rinse, Repeat, keep working on it kind of deal. I’m having small successes with the 3/4 swing so something must be working.
    • Day 153.  Before grocery shopping, I stopped at a putting green and worked for half an hour on 3' and 30' putts.  The end of the 3' practice included taking 17 shots to finish all 12 for my clock drill (not great, but not as bad as a month ago) and the 30' finished with my final six putts from 30' (due to this green, they weren't significantly different on the clockface, so I'm still getting a similar read, but I know better than to assume it.  And of course, I had to hit them the right speed) with a total of 11 strokes (five 2-putts and I also sank one). After lunch and before gym, I did the quarantine days 9 (again, with feedback from yesterday) + 10 (which took a while to get right... I'm not even sure I got it right, video to show up later today). Addendum:  I haven't figured out my trigger for the day 10 practice plan.  That's going to take me a bit more thought
    • MD: 89 (Black/Orange combo tees): 89. Up and down sandy on 17th was nice. One of my better sand shots of the week.  SV: 98 (Black tees).. Tough day. Bit too much of a course for me from black tees. Drive on 18 uphill was a bright spot that stood out though.  SV: 89 (Orange tees).. phew.. much better. 2nd shot on 16 uphill from 198 out over bunker with a borrowed 3 iron (thanks @DeadMan.. :-)) that dropped and stopped within a two feet for a kick-in might be the shot of the week for me.  LL: 92, 92 back-to-back on the same day. Tried my darndest hard to break 90 but couldn't twice. Best shot 8 iron on 7th par 3 from 155 for a bird.  Lac La Bell: 107. Forgettable day score-wise except for holes 15-16 where I finally hit couple of good drives.  
    • Pretty amazing for a $500 box. Close enough for me.  
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