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    • I can't speak for @FlyingAce, But I can tell you that I've never had it happen to me. Not even once has anyone walked up to me and offered me unsolicited swing advice at the practice range. I do have some friends there who will walk up to me and talk some shit so to speak.  My wife, however, has it happen to her pretty close to every time she's at the range. For what ever reason, if certain men see a woman working on her golf game they feel the need to go up and give them swing tips. I personally don't give anyone swing tips. But its so strange, my wife and I have been together at the range time and time again and some guy will walk up to her out of the blue and say something like "you should try to keep your left arm straighter on your take away." ... or something to that affect. My wife is always very polite and says something like "Right now I'm just working on some things my swing coach gave me to work on..." Usually that's that. Sometimes the guy will be really persistent. "Well, I can tell you as soon as I started keeping my left arm straight on my takeaway I added 20 yards to my drives." At that point my wife will say something like "I know you're trying to help, but right now you're messing me up. Can you please leave me alone." 
    • That was no way to treat Hank Haney...
    • They look to be in really good condition for how old they are. I would imagine that's why
    • Today’s Session 8-12-20 GOALS: Same stuff from previous lesson SETUP: Weaker grip, neutral shaft lean, ball forward BACKSWING: Less away going back (lead shoulder down, trail hip up) with leaning tower after P2 DOWNSWING: Bow wrist to close face, go “up” with lead side so I don’t have too much shaft lean at impact 7i Swings SUMMARY: Not a great session. Ball striking felt ugly (flippy and fat) Shaft lean at impact was ok. If you watch the video, my lead knee was bouncing around through impact again I’ve been having trouble with a fade happening out of nowhere. This is probably why. Shaft way to steep here. Not happy about it. Don’t know where this came from either. Ugh I kind of don’t know which part of my swing to focus on at the moment. I’ll to do some mapping at home before my next session
    • Is that really an issue, do people really just walk up and offer you swing tips? I would never do such a thing, hell I hate helping people even when they ask. Literally, I have only had this happen once in my life, had a guy tell me I should keep my left arm straighter. I just told him as soon as he could beat me he could give me advice. He didn't say much after that.  To answer the OP I listen to Airpods while I am putting only. I can't stand to have them in when I am working full swing, I need to hear that contact.
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