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    • I've always been curious about this, especially since I've lost a few head covers and always see a few sprinkled on the course.
    • I'll do my best to get it done and have some fun along the way. I don't have any particular courses in mind. But whenever I travel I try to get to a course nearby, if the trip isn't dedicated just for golf. If you have any suggestions of your favorites, feel free to let me know. Thanks for the response.
    • Day 17 (of last 18, 4 in a row) - Did some putting with the smart ball.  Also felt like my weight was ending on my right side, so I worked to feel like my weight finished on my left.  Tried stepping down on my left heal to start the forward stroke.  Seemed to feel pretty good.
    • Ok. So here's  the info from the last three sessions.... just so everyone knows when I'm hitting well, most of my clubs go around tour average , when I'm hitting  super good maybe ten yards  farther for my irons.. So I'm just trying to lock in the draw. My natural swing is a fade. First session, slight  head wind. Hitting some pretty decent draws. Second session, slight tail wind, but mostly right to left, huge draws. Today it was so still you could probably hear a ball landing off a 500 yard tee shot, couldn't hardly curve the ball.  What really gets me is when I over exaggerated the in to out action on my swing a hardly got any curve. But what was strangest was I had a lot of these shots that started right and even started to curve back left but then they stopped  just started flying straight  right after appearing to begin curving back. So they ending up being more of a push. What was more weird  was when they reached the Apex of their flight and started to fall they drifted from left to right. But there was zero wind and they began curving from right to left before  they stalled... it happened over and over. Some of the strangest ball flights I've ever seen. What's going on?      
    • 73 (+2) today in breezy and cool conditions.  Had a few bad swings but overall pretty happy with how I played.  Hit 14 greens...made a couple birdies but left a couple out there.   Encouraged that the SuperSpeed work I've done has been positive.  Can tell the swing faster but I don't feel out of control.  Only a couple bad drives but neither cost me very much...
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