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    • Hank Aaron, Hall of Famer and one-time home-run king, dies at age 86 - CBSSports.com Hammerin' Hank clubbed 755 home runs in his illustrious career  
    • I agree with Klineka. Practice rounds especially when alone should be about practice. It also makes being stuck behind multiple foursomes tolerable. 
    • By the end of the season in the Mitten, all but a handful of public courses were back to 8-10 minute splits.  Maybe 20% of the courses were still using hole modifications.  A few courses had put out rakes in the bunkers but they were definitely in the minority.  Almost all courses required 2 to a cart.  A few charged a fee for a solo cart.  Water jugs and ball washers were uniformly absent. Virtually no course allowed walk-ins; tee times were always required. The clubhouses all required masks.  Food service was limited or shut down.  Carts were sanitized after each use. All courses encouraged online sign up for tee times which resulted in an interesting phenomenon.  Most courses were booked solid a week in advance, 7 days a week. People would sign up for any open spots.  If a 2-some had an 8:10 tee time reserved, another 2-some would sign up for the open slots, forming a 4-some.  Prior to the pandemic, few people "forced" their way into an established tee time.  There were always open times so the next twosome would take 8:50 rather than sign up with an unknown pair of golfers. I think this is a good development for situations where a course is near capacity.  The days of "we'd rather play as a twosome" is dead. Looking ahead, our club is planning shotgun starts when our tournament season begins in May.  Our hope is a large number of our age 50-95 membership will have been vaccinated by then.  Based on how the Mitten is handling the vaccination process so far, our plans may need to change.  It will also be interesting to see how the surge in popularity of golf works out once the pandemic is under control.  Will our courses remain packed or will we return to midweek open tee times?
    • I don't think I would enjoy it more, I enjoy trying to score, I enjoy putting pressure on myself and then dealing with it, I enjoy competing in golf.  I do enjoy practice as well, but its a different kind of enjoyment.  Besides that, even at my lightly played private club I'm very seldom there  at a time when I can practice in the way you described.  
    • That was the worst thing about setting up the home gym.  The cost of weights has sky rocketed.  I looked at the CraigsList and people there were also price gouging.
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