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    • I didn't mean to suggest that simply changing the demographic of who is watching will fix the issue, but rather increasing the volume of total viewers/interested parties via increasing the percentage that comes from a particular demographic that is glaringly absent from the audience would be hugely helpful towards that end.     100% agreed
    • I just discovered the OP while searching the web on terms like "golf setup back straight curved."  Interestingly: The majority of hits led to articles promoting straight back, head up.  This is what our golf class instructor taught us last summer--as well as butt out.  (I just started golfing last June.) To make a summer-long story short: While I had successes, I never was able to develop a good, consistent swing. I'm up here in cold country.  Not wishing to start at Ground Zero come spring, I decided to take off-season lessons from a place called True Motion.  The very first thing they're having me do, after I sent them front and down-line videos of my current swing, was a full week of drills doing nothing but fixing my setup stance--to include rounding my shoulders. I don't know how good my golf swing will be, after all is said and done, but I can say this: I've been suffering from upper-back, shoulder, and neck discomfort for a while, now.  (This started before I took up golf.)  Doing various exercises to increase the flexibility in my upper back so as to allow me to round it in my golf stance has made all that disappear completely.
    • This is a tough one, just because its so hard to predict what is going to happen 20 years from now. First, its great to see everyone understanding here that purse size is based on sponsorship revenue.  Purses won't be equal until sponsors are able to raise the same amount of revenue for an LPGA event as a PGA event.  And it's not debatable.  "Doing the same job" is not an argument here as many of you have already stated in a clear and respectful manner. I did vote for in 20 years.  But its just a maybe in 20 years.  It depends on what happens between now and then.  If a truly transcendent talent and marketing goldmine comes along on the women's tour, that would be a great start.  And if there is further collaboration between the PGA tour and LPGA tour like joint events to create more exposure to the LPGA athletes for the golf viewing population, I could see a reasonable path to get close in 20 years.  That's not a prediction, just a scenario I could see happen.   I agree with this to an extent, but just to play devil's advocate... men's college athletics (basketball and football) is a clearly inferior game to the professional versions, but yet, at the highest levels of NCAA competition, the revenues rival the professional sports.  The NCAA is able to create a compelling product despite much less talented players.  Now the leap to apply this to the LPGA is the tricky part.  I don't have those answers.  But it is possible to create a compelling, yet competitively inferior game.   I do not believe this is as easy a solution as just getting more women to watch golf, and therefore the LPGA viewership will rival the PGA.  Women are valuable consumers, you are correct.  But everyone is trying to market them.  If more women watch golf, the PGA is going to do what they can to have them watch the men's game too.  Yes, naturally, if more women watch golf, a higher percentage of them might be naturally drawn to the women's game, but a lot of them will watch the men's game too.  The solution isn't the demographics of the viewers.  Its making the LPGA product as compelling as possible.
    • And, you'll still need the stand up on its own S7K putter that will allow you to walk away and line up your putt from the next fairway...
    • I am lazy; let the other player drive.
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