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    • Just wait until you pure a 4 iron. It's probably not the real answer, either, if you think about it. There are golfers.. and then there are golfers who actively participate on a golf forum 
    • I've used the Golf Pad app for this on iOS.  It lets you enter clubs and then uses the data to suggest clubs as you play.  Costs $20 per year subscription.  I mostly like it as it works with my Pebble watch.  Also works with Apple watch.
    • Lake Chabot has huge elevation changes, and the greens are very tiny. There are only a few flat holes on the entire course. I've played it enough times with a slope enabled rangefinder that I have a pretty good idea of how I need to club up/down. Also, many of the east bay courses are really dry and firm right now, so there is a lot of roll out. Haven't played Lake Chabot since early May, so not sure what condition it's in now. Here's my recollection of how I played elevation changes last time around. Hole #2, par 3, uphill: I usually club up 1X unless pin is in the front. Hole #3, par 5, extreme uphill approach: I usually club up 2X for this one Hole #4, par 5, also has has an extreme uphill approach: I usually club up 2X Hole #5, par 4, extreme downhill hole: Bombs away with driver Hole #6, par 4, uphill all the way, but short, so maybe 1X club up if laying up. Green is close to reachable for me, so usually I am pitching onto the green Hole #7, par 3, moderate uphill: 1- 2X club up, depending on wind, pin location Hole #8, par 5, downhill tee shot, moderate uphill approach: Bombs away with driver, maybe club up 1X on approach depending on distance. Hole #9, par 3, extreme downhill: This hole is stupid, probably at least 40 yards downhill, but maybe 140 yards from tee to green. I usually club down 2X but depending on wind this varies. Hole #10, par 4, uphill: Another short hole, so clubbing up depends on how aggressive you are off the tee. Probably a 1X club up if laying back off the tee. Hole #11, par 4, uphill approach: At least a 1X club up. Hole #13, par 4, uphill: Another shorter hole, so probably a 1X club up if playing conservative off the tee. Hole #16, par 4, uphill approach: Again, depends on if your tee shot lands in the flat section of the fairway, or if you play aggressively and get closer to the green. Probably a 1-2X club up if playing all the way up the hill. Hole #17, par 3, uphill: Usually 1X club up, but maybe 2 if into the wind. Hole #18, par 6, downhill and uphill: Another stupid hole. Tee shot is slightly downhill. I think that the fairway doglegs left at around 260-280 yards and basically goes 350 yards straight down an extremely steep hill. Then back up almost to half the elevation you just went down. Most players will have their second shot from somewhere around the top of the hill. The second shot on this hole, which is often blind around the dogleg, will usually roll all the way down this hill to the valley in the bottom, regardless of what club you hit. I've hit a 7-iron 280 yards here. Then you have a ridiculous uphill shot that goes back up almost half of the hill you just came down to a green that seems like it's the size of a living room rug. Probably at least 2X club up back up the hill, but I can never really tell. My drive from my last round on the par-6 18th rolled out to 424 yards. I spent 10 minutes looking for my ball around where I saw it bounce, and I was ready to drop in the fairway with a 2-stroke penalty, when one of the guys I was playing with drove his cart another 100+ yards down the fairway and found my ball. It was really well struck, so it might have carried 275 at most, and then bounced over the crest of the hill and rolled another 150 yards downhill and stopped against one of the cart path switchbacks. 
    • I try and get a feel of vanilla, then add mods. Have 300+ on Skyrim. 
    • Oftentimes tournament courses will open Monday to the public to play, with the same Sunday pin placements, so you can essentially play the course the pros played.
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