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Vice Golf Balls - Anyone Tried them?

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20 hours ago, RFKFREAK said:

Do you any extra that I can buy from you?

Sure 👍🏿

20 hours ago, RFKFREAK said:

Do you any extra that I can buy from you?

They're lime green, if that makes a difference

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Okay, I played 18 holes last week and did my usual just get what ever open tee-time exists and allow the course to pair me up. So, I get put in with a twosome of guys in the their mid-20's. On the first hole one of them hits his ball into the left rough. We are looking around for it and I see a Vice Ball less than a foot off the fairway. "Hey man, what kind of ball do you play?" I ask. 

The guy walks over to me and extends his arm like he's going to hand me an invisible sandwich. He looks down at his arm and says "What kind do you think I play?" I look and he's got the Vice logo tattooed on the underside of his left forearm. ... i'm like "Oh, well then. I think this is your ball." 

The two were good guys and I enjoyed the round we played together. I never did ask the one guy why he was so loyal to Vice Balls to get their logo tattooed on his forearm. I did notice the other guy played a mixed assortment of what I'm guessing were either found or recycled golf balls.

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