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    • John, what is par on the front?  Or what golf course are you at now, I can look this up?
    • In a friendly 18 hole game over the weekend, due to increment weather, the course only opened the front nine. This is typical conditions on Nine Hole Courses, when playing a 18 hole match, I assume. @DaveP043 need your help, I'm confused as usual …   On pages 63 - 64 Rule 6.1a of the new Rules of Handicapping.   Calculating the course handicaps are the following -  DDA (-1) Dan (2) John (5) I'm assuming this applies for 18 holes? Now is my confusion on this matter. Would DDA lose a stroke on the Hdcp Hole #17 which is the 8th hole on the front side? Dan would receive 1 stroke on Hole #3 which is the #1 handicap hole on the front side? John would receive 3 strokes during the first nine holes and 2 strokes during the second time playing on the front side? Hole #3 (#1 hdcp) Hole #2 ( #3 hdcp) and Hole #6 (#5 hdcp) Is my assumption for stroke allotment correct? One note I discovered,18 hole course handicaps were different due to course rating from only the front. The CH for our 18 hole course are, DDA (1) Dan (4) John (7) we each had a difference of two strokes. Handicap Index - DDA (1.3) Dan (6.0) John (8.5) Here is the course rating for the front nine at our course - DDA played the Blue, Dan and I played the Blue/White
    • Putting the 60 on the bench makes the most sense and gives flexibility in mid to upper bag setup.
    • I find this a fascinating topic, actually a small subset of the larger question would sports be better without professional leagues? It actually harkens back to a time before professional sports leagues dominated the landscape, and were overtake with sponsorships, billion dollar arenas, and multi-billion dollar broadcast rights. Are we better off with the sports brands - Nike, Adidas, Acushnet, etc. Sure it has made a few billionaires (owners) and the players have an opportunity to become millionaires or mega-millioinairs (Tiger, Lebron, etc). But is this like the Romans going to the Colosseum, and is it sustainable? Sports was around for quite a while before it became a money making franchise; I certainly don't have the answers. But I feel certain that if it were not for the PGA Tour, and the broadcast TV showing of events that there would be far fewer courses, that technology would lag where it is today, both in equipment and course maintenance. It would be a more exclusive sport, with elitism at the country club core.  But to address the question posed in the poll - I think it depends on how you define "good for golf"
    • The takeaway here is to always buy a house on a golf course that requires a hook to infringe on your property.  A low fence should suffice for screamin' duck hooks. 😄  I have a friend who has a home on Sahalee.  You'd think he's in the safest place... 60 yards behind a green on a par 4.  But nope, he still gets thinned line drive iron shots in his yard. 
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